Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Calling all DMC members!!!

Hello to all the members of DMC,
(This post is written by Asha of "Foodie's hope" blog)

Here is a short post from me to motivate and request all of you to start a discussion about a topic which interests you and others.Most of the members still have not introduced themselves to us.If you are the one who have not yet, please do so before May 1st,when we are going to start our own "Mother's day" month!Sandeepa will confirm that later as well:)

By now ,some of you have introduced yourselves to us all which was truly wonderful.It's great to know you and your lives ,families and your trials and trepidation as you through life.We enjoyed the tidbits and hilarious incidents about our kids,laughed together and sympathized hearing about our kids when they went through rough times as well.

Now,it's time for us to get serious about topics and posts which are really enlightening and helpful to all of us and your concerns and questions as well.Please think about these things and start posting them.It doesn't have to be serious subjects though,something light and funny as well if you like.

May will be a month for remembering and paying tributes to mothers including all of us moms and our mothers for all that we did and will continue to do.Mothers day is celebrated at different times and dates in different countries.

We will dedicate every Thursday to Saturday of the week in the month of May for that reason instead of just on the 13th of May,so we all get to share our views.Rest of the week is free to discuss all the other subjects you like. We would like to encourage you to think about that and write something about your mom or your experiences as a mother,even about your sweet MIL and even grandmothers who might have raised you as some of us are!!

Last but not least, please remember that Desi Momz Club is created for you and should be running successfully by all of you! We urge all of you to contribute and enjoy your club.Thank you!:))


Kay said...

Guilty, for not introducing myself. :) Sorry abt that.

After reading your post, I just wrote a 'Intro' post.

I'm so glad that the word-identification thingie has been disabled.

Asha said...

Hi Kay,just thought to remind all the members to say hello!:)
I can't wait to learn more about you.
Word ID?! Please enlighten me girl,I am not very techy!:D

Kay said...

Asha, LOL :) My mistake. I didn't word it right.

I meant that irritating thing blogger provides to prevent auto-spamming.

When we post a comment, there appears a box with letters and numbers inside. We have to enter all these letters in the right order. Else the matronly blogger, makes us write it again and again, until we get it right! :)

I too have it on my blog; it is a very useful feature - it prevents spams. but well, it is irritating too. I never seem to get it right the first time, with my speed reading and speed typing skills. In my blog, I'd have chosen not to allow anonymous comments; but that stops many people (who don't have blogger id) refrain from commenting).

swapna said...

Hi Ashaji
What u said is perfectly alright.We will dedicate the whole month to our mothers..Good idea.

Sandeepa said...

Hi Asha

Thanks :) Instead of the whole month I think we will Thursday to Saturday for topic dates as many members said.
This gives us freedom on other days to talk about diff things too :)

Asha said...

Thanks Kay,you mean the comment moderator with security enabler.I got it now.I don't have that and I find it very irritating as well,specially when I have to squint my eyes to read them sometimes!!:D

Thanks Swapna but Sandeepa says it's from Thursday to Saturday.I will correct it:)

Ooops! Sandeepa,didn't know that! I will edit that as such above.
Please make a post and inform us later about the same again to be sure.Thanks !:))

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Asha..you are such a dear.

Keeping your words "not to narrow" down I decided on some days each week for specific topic and rest for general gup-shup and in the last post some members said they would want a bigger window from Thu to Sat :)

Hope this works for everyone.

Asha said...

I think 3 days a week for a topic is great bcos of the time differences between the countries.Europe 6hrs from US and India 12hrs!!!This way everybody can participate,good:))