Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Club Tenets Revisited

(This post is by Sandeepa of Bong Mom's CookBook)

Hi Everyone

Firs let me Congatulate all of us Mommies on our Desi Momz Club being listed in India Blogs 1.0. Lovely Tharini is there too and of course Saffron Tree. I had asked Amit Agrawal (the You Know Who of Blogging) to include our Blog and he sent me a mail saying he found the blog "Pretty interesting" and went ahead and added it.

Now to the rules of the game, errrrr, Club....

I think I should re-iterate some rules about the Club which either you missed or we did not mention explicitly

I realize that as Mommies, everyone is very busy and if you have a blog of your own it becomes more so. This is the reason I had mentioned that you can share posts from your own blog. What I had meant is that you can repeat/reproduce your posts from your blog at DMC, if and a big IF it is Mom or Kid centric. No way was it our intention to make DMC a place where you can just link posts to your own blog. There are places for that I am sure, but not the Desi Momz Club.

We just do not want DMC to evolve as an index page do we? No, we want it to be a community where everyone shares their views, ideas, story and then we have a strong arguments through the commenting box :D. So we can have general gup-shup, air our views, vent, rant and also focus on a particular topic …blah, blah, blah.

If in your posts you just put a link to your own Blog Posts, I don’t think it’s fair to The Club. It is no longer a single stop then, readers then have to blog hop to your blog to read the post.

  • If you want to share a post from your own blog (a individual blog or a a group blog) or a blog which lets you reproduce the post, please repeat the post in its entirety at Desi Momz Club. You can add a link to your own original post saying its being shared after you have repeated the post at DMC.
  • If you want to share interesting posts or stories from sources you are not responsible for, say newspapers, blogs you don't own etc. you can link them with appropriate excerpts and with proper permission if needed. We don't want a copyright violation right here. It would be good however to have your own view on the story/post you are sharing
  • If you come across cool products or services for Moms or Kids you want to share please do that with an accompanying review and appropriate links. This might be review of daycares, school, kid products, kid food, products or service that makes life easy for Mom anything.
  • If you want to share a post on Mom & Kid issues which you have on some blog/site which does not let you reproduce it any place else, let us know about your acclaimed post and we can put it on a sidebar bulletin board

We do really hope that you understand this and keep contributing to the club in true spirit.

Update: Lovely Tharini is maintaining a Craft Corner at her blog. Please share your craft ideas with her. If you are planning to make something for Mother's Day along with the little ones share at the Club and with Tharini.

The DT is having a event Kids Safety in The Kitchen. Check it out

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Maheshwari who is soon going to be a second time Mom.

Club Theme: Rememeber Theme for May is Mothers Day, so gear up with your views for the Month of May . Look out for Asha's post on this and also check this post.

Club Feature Question: Do you think a Bulletin Board on the sidebar would be a good idea where you can link exciting stuff from your own Blogs or other Blogs every Month ? Let me know and we can work towards it


Asha said...

Congratulations on the nomination Sandeepa! I am pleasantly surprised!! Very nice:)

A great post to remind the rules once again from you.I agree and thank you.

Bulletins board on the sidebar sounds great too.Good work.

Ranjani said...

yes , anything that makes this blog even more gr8 is fine with me !

even if i get bored of blogging in the future, i'm not going to stop blogging/reading/posting here .

Reena said...

Sandeep, Asha & Indosun,
Kudos to you guys for coming up with this fabulous hangout place for mommies. I am glad that so much info is posted daily. Sometimes I am unable to catch up on time.

Congratulations on the nomination and revision of rules. For any place to work well we need proper rules. Great work guys!!

Tharini said...

Hey Sandeepa...Two 'Lovely Tharini's ' in just one must be my lucky day! ;)

A bulletin board onthe side...for quick links is a great idea. And if any of us wants to share our own thoughts, we can formulate a post on it.

Looking forward to the May masti!

Me too said...

Great going!

I hope it is okay for non-members like me to participate in the discussions.

Sandeepa said...

I was talking about two different "Tharini" ;-)

Me too,
We enjoy discussions so you are always welcome

Asha, Ranjani, Reena
I don't think its a nomination its a evolving directory of good Indian Blogs. So if you want your blog put it as an entry in their wiki and if they like it they will update it

Madhuli said...

Hey Sandeepa,
First of all congratulations to all of you for being nominated.
I love reading all the posts on this blog and I think its a great blog.The concept of mummies sharing everything about kids is great!i have a 2 yr old and i know how much it helps!
keep up the goodwork.

foodzone said...

Hi Sandeepa,

First time to this blog and I must say it is a great place for moms. Truly appreciate your idea of starting this club. Is it open for public? Can I join the club?