Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hello from Sheela

Hello Dear Fellow-Moms,

Thanks Sandeepa for giving me an opportunity to be part of this wonderful community.

Just a little about me: My name is Sheela. I am originally from India. I have been living in the US for the last 14 years. I am thirty-something. Yes, indeed, I am one of those who can't bring herself to admit her exact age - not because I fear growing old, but, because I am afraid I haven't achieved much in the time I have been given so far :)

I am currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband Dustin and my soon-to-be-two baby girl Ana.

I work for a software company as a developer/programmer, which I enjoy for the most part. But, my "real" interests are cooking, sewing, crocheting, reading, photography, hiking/camping (which we restrict to Summers, especially after the wee one arrived).

I wear my Mommy Hat, Wife Hat, Daughter Hat, Sister Hat, Chef Hat, Yellow-Green Hat, and Crazy-Craftswoman Hat as best as I can. While I am the same person, I feel the Hat I wear adds distinct value and responsibility to my Life, hence I started three separate blogs last year and tried to keep them focused on three different aspects of my Life that meet and mingle beautifully - viz., Mommy, Cook, Just Another Speck In The Universe.

Blogging, when I started it, was intended to be therapeutic. Just my corner to record my thoughts and deeds that I am willing to share voluntarily, no pressure, no expectations. It is hard not to get addicted and obsessed, but, I think Dustin and Ana have kept me balanced so far.

Sandeepa was kind enough to mention that one of my posts struck a cord in her and suggested that I share it here: last July, early in my blogging life, I shared my thoughts wondering if I was asking for too much... Circumstances have not changed, and it scares me a little to think of welcoming another wee one into our lives now.

On a cheerier note, I am looking forward to reading and contributing as best as I can . Perhaps as the community welcomes more moms and we settle into a nice rhythm, we could pick a topic a month and have contributions from all member moms so we have a collective input on the chosen topic... just a thought :)


Asha said...

Welcome to DMC Sheela:)

Good to read all about you except your real age!;D

Let life happen as it comes to you.Over thinking never helps!:)

Well..thanks for your input.I am sure we will be blogging silly after some time about everything!

Reena said...

Welcome Sheela! It is nice to see mommies of all ages with different perspective. I am sure all of us will gain from this interaction on DMC. Will check out your post on your blog.

@Asha: We have the right to be silly at times:):). Isn't it tiring to always put up mature mommy act in front of kids:)):)). So let us also share some crazy tips for mommies.

Sandeepa said...

Welcome !!!

Once all the Mommies get comfy around here we can choose a topic-a-month and have posts around that topic.
However I do not want to restrict anyone to a single topic so I was thinking we would devote a day each week of each Month for "The Topic"
Lets just get comfortable this month. There are still Mommies who are on the Member list but we don't know much about, so let them get a chance and then we can get organized

swapna said...

Hi sheela
welcome to desi momz club..

nice suggestion from u.we can look forward for that.

Sheela said...

Sandeepa, absoutely agree that we should not be restricted by one topic each month, so, am glad we can share whatever comes to our minds...

down the road, say, wayyy down the road, past all introductions, if we could generate a set of dedicated posts by interested member moms on a chosen topic (not mandatory, not limited to), it would be a great resource: some of the valuable comments i read in the other posts so far would be great individual posts in and of themselves! what a treasure chest...

thank you for getting us all together.

Asha said...

I agree with Sandeepa.We shouldn't make the topics too narrow!

@ Reena,you are right!It's okay to be silly as long as the kids know who the boss ie mommy is!:)
I am a mature mom that way and act(?) like one too most of the time!!!!;D

Tharini said...

Loved your intro Sheela. And if you don't mind, I have blogrolled your Joy of my Life, to my blogroll.

You have a certain calm which you convey with your thoughts. Looking forward to getting to know u better.