Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey all

Thanks Sandeepa for warm invitation.

Hello everybody, Let me introduce myself, I’m Padmaja Shivapriya mom of little Nishant (will be turning 2 next month). My passion “Chess” and I teach few kids at my place.

I have been living in US from 2001. I was in CA for 3 yrs and the moved to VA. Back in CA, I used to be busy with school & friends. After moving to the east coast, everything seemed boring for me. So I started writing all my favorite recipes. One day my husband gave me an idea to put my recipes online, I was not really interested at first but then he really pushed me to start writing and he helped me setting up everything as I am not computer savvy. Slowly I started catching up with my blog and started enjoying my own little time.

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. Other hobbies include crafts (shadow box) and knitting. Other than these activities I do Internet Research for my uncle’s magazine.


Sandeepa said...

Hi Shivapriya welll known as Padmaja in Food Blogging world :)

Welcome !!! Wow you teach Chess, that is wonderful.
Praba take note, you are moving to VA right ?

Asha said...

HI Padamaja,welcome to DNC.Great to know more about you.Chess playing,crafty(art I mean!) and a great cook!! I hate you!;D

I know,we were in Minneapolis with so many things to do and we moved here to NC to small town!I was bored out of my mind.But after a year,I started to adjust and now I love the weather,people,southern food, and most of all laid back life!So you will do well.VA is great too.Hugs:)

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I am Mamatha,I need advice/Suggestion regarding sleeping ritual for my son who is 3.We moved to US last year. Morning he gets up around 9-9.30 am. If I wake him up early he cries whole day.So just i leave so everything gets late breakfast,lunch etc,. Again forcebully I make to to sleep 3-4 pm, he sleeps 2 hrs, I want him to sleep 1 hr. but again he cries if i wake him. then at night eventough I put him to bed at 10- 10.30pm by telling stories , lullabies he gets his sleep only after 12-1 midnight.If I skip his afternoon nap he gets tired and sleeps all by himself around 6 or 7 pm for 2 hrs and he will get up. and does not want to go to bed. This has become real frustating for me because of his night time sleep. What to do?

Asha said...

that's a terrible sleeping pattern your kid has developed!You have to give him a routine so he gets out of that pattern,or else preschool will be tough on him.

I think napping for an hour or two is okay but give him a warm bath around 8pm after dinner and put him to bed and read for a while and get out of the room.Don't encourage his demands if he keeps on asking for more stories.Sleeping around 12-1am is not good at all,no wonder he doesn't wake up before 9.30am,that would be his normal 9hrs of sleep.

Somehow you must make him go to bed before 10pm at least.You could bribe with a good outing or activity he loves next day if he goes to bed early.

Let's see what other mom's say about this.We will give you some more ideas so you can help him to sleep little early:))

swapna said...

Hi shivapriya
welcome here..teach chess here for all of us..:-D

Sandeepa said...

As Asha says take a day at a time.
So say today do what Asha says. If you have to sit with him for some time in the romm do so, but start the routine at 8pm. Try to tire him today afternoon too by running etc.

Tomorrow morning get him out by 7:30-8:00 AM . Of course he won't do it on his own. You will have to spend some time but eventually he will.

Do this for a week and he will fall into a routine.

If he sleeps at 12 at night and then gets up at 8 in morning he will cry but if he is sleeping at least by 10 at night he shoud be fine in morning

My daughter sleeps late on weekends but then she wakes up late too. On weekdays I have to make her go to bed earlier, it takes some time at least for me. She also naps for an hour and half both during school and at home, else she gets cranky.
But if the child gets a good 9/10 hours sleep he/she is fine in morning

swapna said...

Hi mamtha
This is major problem with some kids.

U have to make him sleep at nights early..it will be difficult but some how make him to do it.Because ,if they goes to bed late they might get obesity.(I found this info in a mews channel).From then i am making my kid to sleep by 9.

In the Afternoons don't let him to sleep ..just play with him.actually as he is of 3 after some time he stops to take his afternoon naps.Now my daughter is in that phase.If he sleeps till 9 in the mornings as asha said it will be difficult when he joins in a school.Kids will cry if they do not let into the things they want to do.make him wake up early ..not too early ..at 7 .For the first day he cries and the 2nd and the 3rd.But after that he will also be adjusted to it.I am not telling to hurt ur child.Just a suggestion.
All the best to u mamatha...

SJ said...

Hi Mamatha, Asha and Sandeepa have said most of what I wanted to :-) Only thing I have to add is get him into bed say by 8:30pm. Read to him (decide beforehand if you will read one or 2 or 3 stories). Tell him that and then at the end of it, turn off the light. My daughter used to whine for more, but now she knows it won't help. Make sure he stays in bed (even if it means you need to be there beside him), be firm about no talking back to him. He may talk and talk, respond only a bare minimum, do not encourage more conversation. Eventually if he has to lie down in the dark (if he's scared of the dark keep a small lamp on far away), with no stories, not much repsonse when he talks, he will be bored to sleep. It may take over an hour intially, but it will get better. If he goes to bed early he will be able to wake up earlier too. I'd also recommend waking him up in the morning by 7:30 or 8:00am (whatever seems reasonable to you). Even if he cries, he and you will have miserable all morning but he will be more likely to have the afternoon nap earlier and go to bed earlier that night.

Asha said...

Sandeepa,SJ and swapna, I am really glad you gals are helping Mamatha:)
I was at a loss at first about what to say,it is a tough problem to deal with.

Mamatha, I read somewhere that Lavender oil helps to sleep,so you could add that to the warm bath water.It relaxes him too!:)

Shivapriya said...

Hi Mamatha
I agree with Asha, Sandeepa, Swapna and SJ.
As you said he gets up 9-9.30, try waking him at 8-8.30 in the morning for 2-3 days and then slowing shift the time to 7.30-8am. At first you & little one will be cranky but eventually he get adjusted to the pattern. My son gets up by 7.30- 8am and afternoon nap around 1-1.30 pm for 2hrs, sometimes he sleeps little longer only when he is really tried ( I take him for swimming) weekly twice. He goes to bed by 9-9.30 pm. We read story to him and he falls asleep.

Take him to YMCA or library or Barnes and Nobles, they have story telling in the mornings. This way he will be distracted.

Avoid evening sleep time, take him out were he can play or do some activity. As its summer you will have plenty of options.Once you get home give him a nice warm bath and dinner. I'm sure he will hit the bed before 10pm. Don't force him to sleep if he is not ready, it will eat-up all ur time and you will be exhausted trying to put him to bed.

Sometimes my son refuses to sleep at routine time, I read a book along with him and tell him story and then I slowly make him go to sleep.

Shivapriya said...

Thanks Sandeepa, Asha and Swapna
BTW I'm a "National Chess Champion", So Asha What do you say now;).

Asha said...

Padamaja, this is what I say;


Hugs.You are a very smart lady,good to know you.

My kids and Arvind are good chess players too.I don't even go near it!:)

Praba said...

Hi Padmaja -

Great to see you on DMC. I am moving to northern VA this summer. Where are you? May be I could send my older one over to yours for a little after-school exercise in chess...:-)

Praba said...

Asha - Can I play with you, then? For "once" I'll win, may be? :-)

I don't have any inputs for Mammatha. Everyone has said it well. When he wakes up at 9.30, why not let him stay awake until 8.30 - don't let him nap at 7pm - take him out, or play a game - keep him stimulated for 2 extra hours...then, he might fall asleep at 8.30/9.00 - he's three - I am sure he can do without a nap...Then if he starts sleeping at 8.30/9.00 - he might sleep through the night, and wake up fresh at 7.00pm. May be those days when he wakes up 7, you could do the 1pm nap for an hour. And I am sure he will go back to bed latest by 9.00pm once you do this for a week...

Praba said...

7.00 am i meant...u don't want 7pm :-)

Shivapriya said...

HI Praba,
That will be great. I live in Herndon. 5 minutes from dulles airport. Where will you be moving to in NOVA?. I look forward to meet you.

Asha, So do your kids play tournaments??, If not ask them to start playing local ( also rated) tournaments. If they need anything I will be happy to tell them. One of my kidoo started playing tournaments and she won bronze medal. :D

To participate in tournaments they have to be USCF members. You can get the link from my blog.

Paddukoti said...

hi Padmaja

Chess eh? i love that game and i remember playing with dad and never ever won till this day.
Nice to know you and hey even I'm padmaja too!!

Mamatha said...

Hi all,
Thanks for all your advice. Today itself I started the mission. I made my son to wake around 7.30. Then again he slept around 2pm.I will wake hime up at 3.30pm. and try to make hime sleep at 9.30pm.
Once again thanks for all your help,

MeMona said...

Hi to all the Moms,

I have been trying to become a member of DMC for the last few days. I am Mona residing in US for the last 10 yrs....
i also wrote a small blog at MemberIntroduction but it has not appeared yet.
Can somebody tell me how to reach Sandeepa think she is the boss of DMC.
Cant wait long to be a part of your gang.

Would be great if somebody could help me
Thanks a lot !