Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hi guys!

Hey guys!

It's wonderful to have a club like this. Thanks Sandeepa, Asha and IndoSunGod!

I'm Kay from Towards a Better Tomorrow (Well, It's now longer about 'Tomorrow'... It's all about living right now, this moment. So, look out for a name change soon). I like living life to the fullest. I care about the environment and do what I can, in the way of greener living. I like to avoid synthetic chemicals and make/buy all-natural stuff for body/hair etc and clean with vinegar/baking soda etc. I love to cook, sew, go on hikes, outdoor adventures, work out, take pictues, read books, do a bit of research (translates to 'browsing on the internet') and live healthily. Organic foods interest me very much and I've been trying to go-organic slowly. I'd love to do some gardening too (have dabbled in, before and loved it) when I have a bit of gardening space and time.

My daugther Meera is 6 months old, a bundle of joy, that is turning our world upside down. Till last September, I had absolutely no clue that I'll enjoy being a mom THIS much. :) Now that I'm a mom, I'm able to appreciate my mom even more.

I'm a relatively new mom when compared to you, expereinced moms. So, I'd love to learn from your wisdom and also share what I know.


swapna said...

Hi Kay
welcome to DMC.
U will have a nice time with ur 6 month old beauty..isn't it?
waiting to hear more about cute little girl.
Have a nice day..

Asha said...

Welcome to DMC Kay!:))

WOW!! You are a nature girl.Good to hear that.I started a veggie patch and intend not to use any harsh fertilizers and grow some organic veggies this summer!

6 month old girl!So cute,girls are wonderful to raise,can't say the same about the boys!;D

Enjoy the baby and let's hear more from you and share some of our experience too:)

Vee said...

you just can't stop talking about the name change, can you? :D

Sandeepa said...

Hey Vee & Kay :)

Maybe you should have a "Present" blog together ;-)

Kay said...

Thanks swapna, yep, the lil beauty is wonderful. :)

Thanks Asha, yep 'nature girl' here. How wonderful to hear about your garden! Are you planning to use organic seeds too?

he heeee, vee! :) how come you pop everywhere where I 'just happen' to mention about the name change. :p Are you stalking me? ;)

Sandeepa, nows thats a good idea... and now people will be more confused to which one of us wrote a post in that together-blog. :)