Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hi to all

It is my pleasure to be part of this wonderfull club. Thanks to Asha for introducing me to this club and Sandeepa for giving me an opputunity to be a part of it!

Let me give a brief intro first, I am Roopa mom to two lovely gems of my life staying in Singapore. My first darling (Nidhi) will be 9 in July studying primary 3 and my second prince (Ankur) has just stepped into his second year of life. Life as a mom has been challenging i will try to contribute and i do wish to discuss issues what i faced and even facing in the forthcoming days. Basically i am working mom, i love to cook i share some of my flavours at my blog here.

Life way easy going until i realised i am going to be a mom for dear little one when my nidhi was born. She brought a lot of joy to all of us as we had just faced a very sorrowfull lose of my mom during my last term of pregnancy. IT led to lot of challenges in my life i had to face ups and downs not knowing where to look for, i started learning as making my little one grown in my arms of love. My hubby had been very supportive all the while. With my first daughter i did not have problems with eating and sleeping habits as i am facing with my second one. Here is where the problem is, if i think about my girl had been lucky to be with her mom all time as i was a Stay at home mom until my girl was 2.5 yrs. I had support from my inlaws which helped me to maintain my job and family life in the initial stages after birth of my second baby. Now my son is in the care of a home based helper, who looks after him thorghout the day. My dad/inlaws visit us for a span of 3-6 months so someone is around to overlook and at the sametime i have a feeling of kids growing with grandparents will have a bond to life and culture.

i have a lot more to share will try to contribute to the growing club.
Thanks to all!


Asha said...

Hello Roopa, so happy to see you and read about you at DMC!:))Welcome.

Sorry about your mom's loss when you needed her most.Other than that,you are doing a fabulous job at managing both home and work with excellent support from your family!:))My kinda girl.

Don't feel guilty for anything you do in life.That's life,sometimes we have to adjust to the circumstances as best as we can.I had no one in England or in US when my kids were born.My mom refused to fly alone when I asked her during my 2nd pregnancy but I did okay with both my kids almost alone bcos Arvind was too busy at work.It's all good now!:)

Your son will be quite okay,he does have lot of good company.Sleep problems when we have little kids are normal part of life!We can't have kids and then expect a normal life,bcos that's the price we pay for having kids!:D

Once they grow up,we will miss all of that like I do now.My kids LIVE in THEIR rooms most of the time doing their own things and come down only for food and money and oh yeah! to get our signature for their report cards!!!!;P

Sandeepa said...

Hey Roopa
Welcome to The Club
Asha has said it all !!! So hope you have fun here and hope to hear more from you

Shilpa. said...

My condolences Roopa. Welcome to the club, though! Hey, I couldn't help noticing that you mentioned living in S'pore! Were you born there? I was! I'm going back in a couple of weeks! How do you like it there?

Roopa said...

ASha thanks nice to see u again!
hey you are super mom and inspiration for all of us!
need to learn a lot of tips from you!

thanks sandeepa

hey shilpa nice to meet you here!
yeah i like it here kind of used to the routine life here. Well i am basically from India we have been living here for past 11 yrs!