Monday, April 16, 2007

Introducing myself....

Hello Everyone!! First of all - many thanks to Sandeepa for inviting me to contribute to this blog. This is a great place for all us moms (and maybe dads too?) to hang out. I look forward to contributing to this blog and learning a great deal from other moms.

I blog at My Two Cents. If you visit my blog, you'll see that I blog anonymously. I shall remain anonymous here as well. It is not that I think that anyone visiting my blog will cause me any harm if they know my identity. The reason is simply that, though I don't do it currently, I expect to write my frank opinions about matters concerning family/ friends/ work some day. I, being the ever-so-scared-of-direct-confrontations type, decided it was better if I did that under the cloak of anonimity. Maybe one day I will either lose the urge to utter frank opinions on my blog or, better still, overcome my fear of confrontations and decide to reveal my identity. Until then, please know me as Cee Kay. You can also call me "GettingThereNow" (my "pen" name?) or GTN as some bloggers address me.

I live in N9rwalk, CT. I work full time and juggle family which consists of a husband (J) and an 8 year old daughter - S (one more addtion coming soon!), community (I am an active member of my daughter's school's PTO and am also the school's representative at the city's PTO council), friends and a host of other things which may crop up from time to time. I love working outside of home. I DO NOT use the term "Working mom" to describe my full-time working status as I believe ALL moms, whether they stay at home or work outside, work very hard. So I call myself a WOHM (Work Outside Home Mom) as many others do. I strongly object to generalizations and you can find me voicing my opinions against generalizations occasionally in the blogsphere :D I love arguments of all sorts and try to be a graceful loser when I do lose an argument (except when I argue with my husband :P)

I hope to be able to be a part of this blogging community of Desi Moms for a long time to come and also hope to develop some deep, meaningful friendships over time as one does when one hangs out in any community.

So, Ciao!! for now. And I shall return with a new post soon.


Sandeepa said...

Welcome GTN . Would love to hear more from you
That WOHM is a term I haven't heard but even if you work outside you do have to come home and work inside too , right :) What it the term for that ?
Can you please label your post when you get time ?

Praba said...

Hi Cee Kay -

Hopped by your blog a couple of days back. Nice intro. Lovely to know you are an active member in your daughter's PTO and the rep at the city's PTO council. I sure would love to learn about your experiences - do's and don'ts in a PTO since my daughter is just starting KG this fall, and I would love to get involved as much as I can with the PTO activities!

Great to see you on DMC! I look forward to knowing you! :-)

Asha said...

Hello Cee Kay,I agree with you there.I am a stay at home mom,no way I accept when they say I got it easy!!EASY!!! would you like to swap,I ask?;D
You are doing a great a job involving in school and as well as managing at home.I don't go to schools much unless I am needed there just so I can enjoy my free time.I know I am selfish!
Welcome.look forward to see your posts:)

Tharini said...

Hey CK...nice to bump into you here. Welcome!!

Lokking forward to your interactions!

Ranjani said...

you have a very nice blog!

Kay said...

Welcome, Cee Kay!

I like a gal, who can say what she thinks!

Off to read your blog now. :)