Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing Myself with my kid

HI All of u Moms,
I am Ramya from .I have a 23month old daughter Abhigna who is mischievous .As i have to say i am waiting for the invitation to write but when the time comes i don't have words.... no i have many but it what first and what is last i don't know.
Trouble 2's:
I know all children are so.As she is entering 2 the 'trouble 2's' blues started for me.But they r sweet at times i laugh but how to control its out of my mind as i can't spank her(i don't like) only thing i do is shout saying no no no or telling her i will lock her in the room.But these doesn't work either she got used to those.The worst part for me is she drinks milk but for joy she spills with out drinking.This is a daily routine for me i will never allow her to be out of my eyes reach.
the diaper training:
I started it 2 months back.I think she knows when she wants to go but doesn't tell.Sometimes she herself brings the diaper and tissues for getting changed soon after she goes,but she won't tell me.I don't know should i appreciate her or to scold or shout for not telling.As we moms can't be harsh.And my hubby he is in full support to her.Only i can make her to go in the morning and night before sleep.My sister tells u have to be strict so that they will be trained soon even u can spank.But its a big no no for me.
Actually there is no worry for me in this case but i have too many doubts.My daughter like good baby she drinks milk 2 times a day,will eat an apple a day,grapes,blue berries,orange,strawberry what ever she like every day.Sometimes she just wants grapes all the time.And tiffin in the morning.Actually coming to lunch sometimes she doesn't prefer rice so then i give her omelet/boiled eggs(2 whites and 1 yellow)/ it good to substitute these with rice.sometimes i give her boiled potatoes fried little bit in 1 tsp of oil like potatoes curry which she loves.She actually wants to eat by herself.Apart from these juice,cookies,raisins.......there is a big list.

As this became a big post i will continue in next one.If anyone have suggestions for me do's and don'ts fell free to tell me.
Last but not least Thank u Sandeepa for giving us such a wonderful blog. And giving me an opportunity to write.Thank u so much.See u all with my next post.bye....... bye.......


swapna said...

Hi ramya
Welcome to DMC.Finally u got it.congrats.

Shivapriya said...

Hi Ramya
Swapna told me about you and ur blog. Its really nice to know more about u and lil one, don't worry even my son is 23 months and he does the same, he dosen't like to poo in the daiper so he runs straight into the bathroom :D. for pee pee he sometimes tells me ( when I'm driving or we are on the road). At home every 1-11/2 hr I make him pee and he do it. If I'm busy with other work he finish in daiper removes it immediately and throws himself near daipergene:(. I go really mad when does that, he makes silly face and runs away.
Y'day Swapna was telling me after Terrible "2"'s it will be horrible "3"'s phase:D lets see how we will deal with that:D.

Asha said...

Welcome to DMC Ramya!:))

Well..she is only two, so take your time training her with diapers.If she is bringing the wipes etc,she knows!!!That's great and slowly she will learn to tell you as well.Patience on your part is needed.

Eggs are far better than rice,lot of protein.It's good to hear that she likes them.Let her choose what she eats.

No spanking is necessary for a 2yr old,she is just being a baby and testing your reaction,enjoy it.Give her a closable sippy cups!:)

As long as the kids are NOT hurting others and themselves with their behavior,it's ok if they act naughty most of the time!!Enjoy.

Sandeepa said...

Welcome Ramya. good to see you. Hope you have fun here with our lovely 2 year old

Reena said...

hi ramya, welcome to DMC. i had a smile reading your toddler's potty training woes. because at one time i had similar doubts. now my daughter just turned 3 and completely potty trained.

so please don't worry and don't push too hard. give them some time. if you son is bringing wipes and asking you to change his wet diapers then he is almost there. continue supporting that.

1. buy a potty seat and attach it in one bathroom. buy his fav.character potty seat like diego, elmo etc.

2. everytime he wets his diaper tell him that next time he needs to go to his potty and you will reward him.

3. tell him how you and his dad uses big potty.

4. as soon as he gets up, put him in the potty and ask him to pee in that. remind him of the reward and wait for 5 mins. he may or may not do it. but you need to continue doing that and one day he will.

5. look for signs like his face changes when he needs to go so immediately pick him and seat him in his potty seat.

6. don't scold him because he is just 23 months so he might need little more time.

i am in horrible 3 phase:)):)) constant questioning, curious mind. terrible 2 was so much better. :)):))

ramya said...

hai swapna,
Thank u.
hai shivapriya,
i too take every now and then but she is luck with horrible "3"s.and kids r best with their never ending tactics.
hai asha,
Yha i give her everything in her sipper only she sips it and through out for fun its new game for her.i never like spanking kids.
that she knows.
hai sandeepa,
thanks for joining me and surely we all will have fun.
hai reena,
nice see ur response firstly it's
she not he.and i do all u listed.and my shouting is no don't do that will u tell me or not which she takes from me lightly with a cute smile on her face.but sometimes i get very irritated but can't do anything

Reena said...

ramya, i am so sorry. don't know why i thought you have a boy:):).

anyways the point here is that i know you get frustrated but please continue doing what you do because you are almost there. my daughter was potty trained by age 2 but it took another 4-5 months for her to be completely potty trained because there used to be minor accidents once a while.

Roopa said...

Hi Ramya nice to see u here :)
She is just 2 it takes some time for some kids, even with bot my kids my daughter was quick at it as early at 11 months as she was raised in india for 6 months with no diaper, her as for my son though has learnt he does purposely or just for fun :) amma i am going to poo.... ha ha see the fun then he quickly grasps and runs.....
For me the potty did not work he was playing away with it i would see the expression on his face and take him quickly to th etoilet

Let him do his work just standing then slowly he got to know it. Now he jusst tries to control that is my biggest problem.