Monday, April 23, 2007

Its my turn...

(This post is by Shamala of 'Saheli' )

Hi everybody,
I am Shamala from USA, a mother of two beautiful kids. My son is 9yrs old and my daughter is 4 yrs old. Last month I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband 'sonu'.

When I started my own blog 'Saheli' (a very blank blog...) I was completely out. I couldn't write anything, I couldn't think about any topics or what to write. When I came across Sandeepa's idea about starting a momz club, I was like yeah! now we are talking. Its like my whole life is my family. My kids and my sonu.

I work parttime as a software programmer and ofcourse a fulltime mom :)
I 'm at work right now and I want to write so much. I have like tons and tons of experiences, joys , sorrows some advice too. But, most of all I am here to make new friends and get a little advice to deal with my pre-teen son and a drama-queen daughter.

till next time...


Sandeepa said...

Welcome Shamala..would love to hear more once you are home:D

Asha said...

Hi Shamala,good to see you here and know a little about you right now and looking forward to hearing a LOT later fro you!:)

Good to know that you have a 9yr old son ,I have a 12yrs old son.You are married for 10 and I am for 20!!Hahaha!!

Kay said...

Welcome to the club, shamala! :)

Asha, you are married for 20 yrs!!! I had no clue. So, how old are you? ;) Shouldn't I be calling you Asha didi, Ashaji? No wonder your posts are full of wisdom.