Thursday, April 26, 2007

Learning Activities

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I want to know how u plan Ur 2yr old daily activities and learning.Any suggestions that u can give me.As for me i make her do the ABC's in in which they spell and teach.First i used to do her this but within 2 days she learned it.She is doing this from past 2-3 months.Now i just sit beside her and she does everything except some which r difficult for her.I observed she is thinking and using common sense and brain.I don't want to believe this but i am observing this.Ya.......she really figured out what to do and how to do.Yuppy............i gave her a kiss.I was awestruck by this performance.But i make sure she is not over obssesive regarding this daily i allow her to do for 1/2 hr.I don't like watching tv's also alot,but sometimes they don't listen.I make her draw something she is intrested or hear the Rhymes,dance or whatever she want.She loves playing in our balcony,if its sunny i allow her to go out.Before sleeping i read her a story.I have 2-3 books i repeat them,now-a-days i stopped but i like reading to her.once we move i will again start the routine.She even brings a book of her choice to me.Even in the morning she likes to hear about pooh and pigglet.I appreciate any suggestions so i can improve.Hear i miss my parents if they r around they used to tell lot of stories.My dad had a daily routine with her when we were in india.She used to llaugh laugh and sleep.Even i do the same but anyhow i too miss them.


Asha said...

Hi Ramya,you are doing everything one can do for a 2yr old.Great job.She doesn't need to learn alphabets now at this age but if she enjoys it,it's ok for 1/2 an hr.
Rest of the time,ask her what she likes to do instead of organizing a lot of activities.Reading to kids is always great.Enjoy the toddler.
Girls talk so much that she will tell you what to do in a year!:D

Sandeepa said...

Great Job Ramya. You are doing everything possible under the sun, there is hardly anything more that you can do.
You are a great Mom

Saheli said...

When my daughter was that age I used to buy those foam stickers (available at any craft stores - Joanns or Michaels or even Walmart in craft section.) They come in bright colors and various fun shapes and sizes. For her age larger ones worked perfectly. I used to peel off the stickers and she used to stick those on a plain paper. This entertained her for 15-20 mins. I still get those when we have get-together at home. Its a big hit with toddlers. Hope you fun too.

Me too said...

Puzzles, Doodle boards, board books, play doh etc. can keep toddlers engaged for a while!

Kay said...

:) She's just a 2 yr old. Let her play and her her involved in 'playing' activities that kindle her sense of curiosity. She is 'learning' something in all those activities..

You are doing wonderful, Ramya! :)

Sandeepa said...

Thanks for the site
I checked it out yesterday and my daughter liked it

SS said...

Hi Ramya, Thank you for the site I have a 17 month old and I am sure he will find it interesting in the months which follow.