Thursday, April 12, 2007

A little more sleep..:)

[This post is written by Tharini from Winkie's Way]

Hi Girls..

This is proving to be a very active board indeed. Its so hard to keep up with merely reading the posts, let alone commenting. :) Anyways, its good to have something to chew on with my cup of coffee every morning.

A lot of discussion has already taken place on the sleep habits of our kids. I missed posting on time in response to Sandeepa's survey. Today I just updated my blog with our sleep story. And I just wanted to share the link:

Read it if you get a chance and have the inclination to dip into the whole issue once more. :)



Sandeepa said...

Thanks Tharini

I have a Draft compiling all the comments. Shall Post by tonight

Ranjani said...
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Ranjani said...

left a comment in ur blog too..
i was the one who said that my daughter keeps whining through the night even though she is 3 ..well , i used to sleep in the middle before..we thought let's try putting her in the middle..guess what ..2 nights of continuos sleep..she is still in our bed, but atleast we all get our sleep
keeping my fingers crossed that this works..

Tharini said...

Hey Ranjani..that's wonderful. I hope that continues. :)

I am predicting this now:

A few years from now, you shall updat with a post saying your daughter wants her own room to sleep in. And you are going to look back and miss it 'all'. And what you have right now is the 'all'!