Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mama's Saris

I hope I am not going overboard with my post on this to the desimomz group. I thought it would be great if you can visit Saffrontree to read two recent reviews that are up this week.

1)Mama's Saris by Pooja Makhijani - Pooja Makhijani is an Indian American author from New York. Her latest picture book, Mama's Saris is hitting the bookstores this month. May be, some of you have seen the book already at your local Borders store. It's a neat crosscultural book with a theme all of us can relate to, and more so if you have little girls at home. Beautiful text and gorgeous illustrations! I was thinking of recommending the title to my local library as well.

2) Sheela, our newest team member who also writes on Desimomzclub has written a wonderful review on a book titled, Alphabeasts. Do check it out! It's lot of fun!!

Thanks a ton! :-)



Sandeepa said...

I just read the review and the book seems to be beautiful just as your review is.

Which ages do you think this would be better, 5+ ? Don't want to raise a controversial topic as enough is said but don't you think its a bit like sterotyping about girls wanting to look good and dress up ?

Its good in the sense though that it highlights the Indian Dress and such and maybe will enlighten many.

Asha said...

Mama's Saris sounds interesting Praba,appropriate for coming Mother's day!!Thanks for the info,it's always welcome.
I read your review of the book.As a kid, I loved to hug my grandma bcos her saris always smelled fresh and clean! Never wanted to try it on though,I was a tomboy!!;D

Dee said...

Hi Prabha,
Checked out both the reviews and they were great. I agree with Asha, the distinct sweet smell of my grandma's 9 yrd saree is still nostalgic in my memory..You have a great blog there...

Praba said...

Dee - left you a comment on your exhaustion post.

Asha - I know - grandma's saris are the best. Mom's saris - a crisp collection of starched bengal cottons...Loved it! I remember the smell of starch..Grandma's was all medimix smell...:-)

Sandeepa - very valid question you've raised. I guess, as for the dress-up, I would really take the cue from the kid. If she enjoys playing dress-up, I would encourage the dress-up games without going overboard. If it's something as simple and innocent as wanting to put on mama's saris or dupatta, I wouldn't mind at all...But, if it's something like idolizing a character and going after commercial stuff and playing dress-up based on a character, then I would definitely explain to my daughter the negatives of doing so...But at the same time will try to understand may be it's a stage she will get over with soon, and look at it in a positive light too..

As for the book, in the end, after dressing up her little girl in the sari mama asks her, - "so, what do you think? - she replies "I think I look like you" -
honestly, I was so relieved to read that reply...and I was happy so it's not about wanting to look good - but about wanting to be "like mamma" is the idea i guess, which I am ok with...:-)

Meeta said...

Praba, Thank you thank you! This sounds like a wonderful book. Something I would love to get my hands on for my son. I remember how I used to look at my mother in awe when she dressed up in a sari for a fine event. She always looked gorgeous. I think I can show my son just how valuable this is.

Reena said...

Thanks Praba for a fabulous review. I am going to get this one for my daughter.

It is so sad that my daughter won't have many fond memories of her mom's sarees as I rarely wear one:(.

Sandeepa said...

Thanks for the reply. I too think "she replies "I think I look like you"" is a good reason :)

My Ma got a Bengali style Benarasi Saree for my daughter from India. Its pretty and you wear it like a skirt but it has the pallu and the pleats sewn in. But don't know why my daughter just does not want to wear it. One reason is she is not comfortable in it because its a bit heavy and restricts mobility slightly.

But we have had hard days to make her wear it at least once for a photo shoot, but she simply refuses :( Maybe this book will motivate her

Praba said...

Oh, S - love bengal cottons! A sari seller from Dakka used to come to our neighborhood to showcase his sari collections...So beautiful!

Benarasi saris can be heavy to wear, I guess. when i was young, I had a salwaar kameez stitched from one of those my grandma bought for all the cousins when she went to benares on a pilgrimage...wore it just once!!! so heavy - full of zari work...pretty brown shade...I can understand why your little one refuses to wear..

about the stereotyping, wanted to write more...hopefully, one of these months we can discuss this topic at length on dmc..

renna and meetu - glad you liked it.. thanks!

Praba said...

S - may be you should ask your Ma to send bengal cotton for your little one :-) - the fabric so light "like spider's web"(to borrow some of the text from the book..)

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