Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Need For Speed: A Mommy's Lunch Manifesto

[This article is posted by Meeta and written by Biggie of The Daily Tiffin Note: This is an excerpt of an article from The Daily Tiffin]

I'm a mom who packs lunch. What's important to a mom? Nutrition and speed: I want to feed my family nutritious food, but spending a lot of time on every meal isn't feasible. I strive to achieve balance between the two -- losing this battle would either have me waking up hours before everyone else to cook lunch, or reaching for a Lunchable processed lunch (the face of the enemy, pictured above).

Spending an hour preparing a weekday lunch is only going to happen in my house if it's a special occasion like a birthday or holiday -- I spend my morning getting myself and a preschooler ready to go out. Although ornate lunches shaped like cartoon characters and whimsical shapes are artistic and intriguing, I know my limits. I would burn out if I tried to do that every day. For me it's got to be sustainable over the long run, which is why I make speed bentos.

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Sandeepa said...
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Abraham Lincoln said...

A long, long time ago, when I was about 6 years old, my mother packed my lunch for me every day. We were poor people. And the sandwich was almost always simple. My favorite was a piece of bread that was used to wipe out the grease and bacon drippings in the skillet she fried my bacon and eggs for breakfast. That grease sandwich would be covered with some little green onions and another slice of bread on top. That was my sandwich for school. I walked one mile to school each day. In the country through winter snow and ice. Sometimes my mother would also give me a thermos bottle of hot soup. That was in 1942. I am now just about 73 years old.

Abraham Lincoln
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Biby Cletus said...

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Sandeepa said...

Thanks Meeta...I already told Biggie her tips were very good