Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Organic Milk and GoGurt

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Thanks to Praba I found the above two products for my daughter.

Flavored Single Serve Milk from Horizon Organic. Comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, Plain, Vanilla. All of them were Reduced Fat though. Is reduced fat ok for kids less than 5 year if they are at correct weight ?
Pro: Good to carry to school or on the go, each has its own straw. Is organic.

Cons: I found only a 8oz carton, which my daughter cannot finish at one go

Flavored Yogurt Tubes from Horizon Organic: Comes in Strawberry, Strawberry & Orange cream, Blueberry in a box of about 8 tubes

Pro: Good to carry to school or on the go, is organic

Cons: None

Praba said they get it at their Costco. Praba which state are you in ? I go to BJ's but did not get it there. Found it at Stop & Shop where it was a bit more expensive.
Verdict: From all the comments I learned so much that I though I should update this post

I checked the Sugar in the Flavored Milk and it was indeed high. So I thought I will go back to my old StonyField Farm Plain + Ovaltin routine and have these cartons for special treats. If anyway I am pouring it out to send to school then the previous one works fine.

The frozen Yougurt is a nice idea though and kept in the freezer they taste better and is like a ice cream treat. Getting your child hooked on plain yogurt is better as some Moms say.

2% milk is ok for 2+ kids


Do you have any products for Kids or Moms you would like to share ? If you are residing outside USA please share your local products too. This gives us Moms a good idea about what to buy or not buy.


GettingThereNow said...

Sandeepa: Good information. I do have a few questions, though. When my daughter was in KG, I used to pay for her to get milk at lunch time from school (50 cents a day) and so she didn't have to carry the milk in her lunch bag and I didn't have to worry about the milk spoiling during the warm months. Does your daughter's school provide that too? Second question is - organic flavored milk and yogurt is indeed good (and children love it which is even better) but have you checked the sugar content on the packages? Sometimes the sugar content is out of whack on these products. Also, they are lower in calcium than the regualr variety becasue of all other flavors being added to them.

In answer to your question regarding reduced fat being good for kids or not - I believe kids need all the fat they can get during the first 2 years for brain development. After that, if they are not underweight, reduced fat should not be a problem, especially if they are getting fat from other sources like butter and oil in food. Dairy fat is anyway not too good for health. I switched my daughter to 2% and then 1% after she was 4 years old. I don't control her fat intake for anything else though I do strive to give her healthy eating habits - so there are certain "rules" in place. She can have a "junk food" snack if she has had one healthy snack before then (e.g. chips after and apple), meals have to be balanced and she HAS to have at least 3 cups of milk/yogurt in a day. Sorry for the long comment!

Sandeepa said...

Thanks GTN for the info. Shall check the nutrition thing and update,

My daughter is 3 and so goes to a daycare/pre-school.

She gets her lunch there but I pack lunch somtimes. They let me keep food in the refrigerator so thats ok.

But S has been wasting this 8oz milk as she cannot finish it and it is a single serve thing. So I am not sending it to school, she loves having it at home though

I send the Yogurt tubes to school

Asha said...

Sandeepa,good info on these products.Kids over two yrs can have reduced fat milk like 2%,so S is ok with that.Arvind won't let me give fat-free anything to the kids even though they are lot older.Low fat is what we use at home.I love fat free milk and keep a small can just for my tea!:)

About big carton of milk,you could buy some 6oz water bottles and fil them up individually to take it school.They keep it in the fridge as you said ,no worries there.

MahaVishnu said...

I used to give my son the yogurt sticks as a special treat - but I used to freeze it first, so it would be like a popsicle. He stopped eating it after he turned six, because it was too sweet for him ( He is now eight).

Sharmi said...

thanks Praba and Sandeepa, very informative. the pic made things quite clear. I used to give My son 2% milk first but then a friend asked me, what are the fatty foods that he eats everyday? I had no answer because, he eats Dal rice and yogurt rice, besides that he eats rotis or bread. very lil snacks. so I started giving him whole milk. Pizza , French fries, burgers, sodas are not his every day diet.
I am also planning to give him organic eggs.

SJ said...

Hi Sandeepa,

Watch out for the fat/sugar content in the flavored yogurt. If your daughter is willing to have try to get her hooked to plain - got this from friends with older kids.
About the milk, A's daycare allows me to send a 1/4 or 1/2 gallon carton and they pour out as much as she needs and keep the rest in their fridge. You could check if your daycare will allow that.

Me too said...

Very informative!

I face a different kind of problem. My daughter is very skinny and against everyone's advice I gave her full fat milk till she was 4 yrs(and even yobaby for 3 yrs)! Now, ofcourse i have switched her milk to organic 2%. I know as long as she is healthy, it is ok. But everytime someone comments about her thin built, I feel so bad. Any suggestions?

Asha said...

@ Me too!

If she is healthy and your doctor says she is okay,do not listen to what people say!!Let her have what she wants and how much she wants:)

I was soo skinny until I was 22yrs old,my grandfather would say to my parents "what's wrong with her,don't you feed her?!"
If my dear grandpa saw me today,he would be deliriously happy!;P

Now my son is very skinny while my girl is plump and they both eat the same food!

Ranjani said...

the con for those yogurt tubes are its so yummy that we may finish it before it reaches the child.

Sandeepa said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks for the info. So 2% should be fine then

Also shall look into the sugar content. S loves plain yogurt with rice. Its me who loves all the colourful yogurt packages and I give in to the temptation :)

Ranjani you are so right

MV that was a fun idea, did that right now and S loved the frozen yogurt :) Thanks

indosungod said...

Sandeepa, when I started my older daugher on organic whole milk, she drank the milk in the morning and pretty much did not want to eat anything till 11 or 12. Organic Whole milk is a lot thicker than the Regular Whole Milk. 2% is equivalent to the Regular Whole Milk. The doctor suggested I switch to 2% when I complained to her that D was not eating.

Another yummy snack is the String Cheese, Horizon has it. Yes Sandeepa, Costco carries it and it is a lot cheaper than the regular grocery stores.

Me too said...

Thanks, Asha!

"If she is healthy and your doctor says she is okay,do not listen to what people say!!" - I try to most of the times!

I know as I have been on the leaner side all my life(never got any special pass on even grocery store lines during my pregnancy as my bump hardly showed!).

Praba said...

Sandeepa -

Sorry for the slow response. I love writing long comments...i just keep postponing until I get a good chunk of time...Thanks for the spotlight :-) You should have seen the big smile on my face! I am glad you were able to find 'em..nice product review concept...

Couple of points

1)Sugar - for every parent, it's different in terms of setting limits on the sugar intake for their kid, and also based on their kids' metabolism. Ya - I've debated on the sugar aspect a lot - also as to when to start giving the kid flavored milk - my older one got tired of regular, plain milk , and I had no other alternative but to switch to flavored milk at close to 3..
The other thing is, I buy from Wild Oats - 3 pack and they have in plain carton - as in unflavored....the blue cartons...Mine wouldn't drink the plain - she likes strawberry and chocolate...Also convenient during plane travel 'coz Starbucks carries the flavored ones...(One of my friends always serves Silk or Horizon for her kids' bday parties instead of juice...Thought that was neat...)

2) Fat - I wouldnt worry about the 2%... Until 2, they recommend whole milk, and after that I guess it's ok to switch. My older one takes stonyfield's reduced fat yokids yogurt to school - 4 oz..She drinks the reduced fat horizon milk 8oz at home and an 8 oz serving of Silk soymilk...That's pretty much her calcium and fat from milk intake..

3)Last weekend I took the kids to Panera Bread (chain) for lunch, and guess what with the kids' meal, they offer horizon tubes and horizon carton milk on the side along with sandwich plus choice of apple/chips...I was thrilled! Neat, isn't it all for under 5 bucks...:-)

4) My cousin buys 'em from Costco like Indo pointed...I am sure it works out cheaper...I get it from wild oats, and they have another brand -Organic Valley that's slightly cheaper - but my daughter doesn't like it - 4 pack milk carton for 3 bucks...

hope that was helpful!

Sandeepa said...

Praba and Indo

Usually I get Stonyfields Plain from local grocery store and add Ovaltin to it to make it choc milk ;-) I used to get those Yo-Baby yogurts too

These (the Horizon cartons) I thought were good for school as they are single serve. But S is not able to drink 8oz at one go. I will try Asha's idea next week. However now I think it is better to go back to StonyField + Ovaltin routine than these.

My daughter's milk intake is pretty less actually. The only time she drinks milk is in the evening. At school lunch she does not finish her milk :(. So I try to add newness to the milk routine

I give her yogurt when she comes back from school and she loves cheese slices but not string cheese. But even then she is having less milk

Bright Horizon serves a great breakfast!!! I have heard its good but in NJ most of it are COrporate ones and one of my friends who used to send her son to BH at her workplace was not happy as I think it depends on the Company which is having it.
Another friend was happy with BH at her hubby's workplace.
But I had a friend who worked at BH in Seattle and she would say its a great place for kids

Me too said...

Sandeepa, children needn't drink lots of milk. Yogurt, cheese and other dairy products(orange juice fortified with calcium, Vit D) along with milk compensates their daily requirement.

FAQ about Milk

Preschooler nutrition

Kay said...

Sandeepa, Another suggestion: Blend a few strawberries without water for 15 secs and add it to the plain yogurt. Whip once and freeze and get your kids addicted to this.

Other flavors : Apricots (you can even soak dried apricots in hot water and use it), blueberries, mango....or just any fruit you like.