Sunday, April 22, 2007

She is growin' up!!

[Posted by Cee Kay]

Note: I just posted this on my other blog My Two Cents too - couldn't resist putting it up here!

I am sitting in front of the idiot box with my daughter right now. It is 1 pm on a Sunday - we are kicking back. Watching "The first Wives Club" on USA - one of my favorite movies. After watching the scene where Diane Keaton's husband tells her he wants a divorce and she finds out he is involved with her therapist, my daughter said in a timid voice "I hope that never happens to you and daddy". Awwwww baby! It won't. Never! Anyhoo, this conversation led to the following being recited by her -

"Cee & J, sitting in a tree,
First comes love,
Then comes marriage,
Then comes a baby in a baby carriage"

She is growing up - my little girl :D

I replied with this -

"Cee & J were never in a tree
But there was some K I S S I N G
First came love,
then came marriage,
then came baby S in a baby carriage".

Know what she said? "Good. Now you have to get into a groove to say it!"

HUH?????!! She really IS growing up!


swapna said...

Hi CEE kay
Heee heee.....:-DDDDDDDD

very grown up daugter..but be carefull with her while watching "SOME" movies...:-D..because she may ask some typical questions that one cannot answer...

Asha said...

Swapna ,

when she asks "the questions", I think you should answer them all with all honesty possible!!!!It's better coming from you than her friends which usually are always wrong and confusing to the kids!!:))

Cee Kay,it seems you are having a real fun weekend ,enjoy:))

We just had big bowls of Banana split ice creams.It's blazing 80s right now,later planting some veggies.

GettingThereNow said...

Swapna: I was going to say exactly what Asha said. I would rather she ask me those questions, however hard they may be to answer, instead of getting half-cooked answers form her friends. She threw me a toughie two days back after watching Animal Planet. She asked me "Do human beings mate like other animals too?" I said "yes" wondering where this would lead next but turns out that was all she was interested in - not details of the actual act. I try to take the lead from her and answer only as much as she wants to know.

GettingThereNow said...

Asha: Whew!! 80 + degrees??!! That is when cuss-words start flowing freely from my mouth :P Sadly, this time I won't be able to plant any vegetables or flowers. Coping with the job, daily routine and pregnancy is all I can handle right now. I did have plans to plant some tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and mint/coriander. Next year definitely....

Swapna: I forgot to mention one thing - I do take great care in allowing her to watch only age-appropriate material. But I think I am prepared to field any kind of questions, however awkward. My main concern will always be to not make her feel as if she made a mistake asking a question.

mcewen said...

Ooo better watch out! It'll be over before you can blink.

Roopa said...

Good advice Asha,
but certain questions are really tough how to you tackle them? There was a recent article in the newspaper a nine year old getting pregnant? how she got pregnant her answer was my parents only thought me how to use menstruation pads not the importance of it. then ultimately one day she and one of her classmates decided to experiment and she got pregnant!! Seeing this my heart really sank!! These days it is really difficult to control and keep an eye on kids we can never say what they are upto? but here there was a point the parents never guided her

raghu ram prasad said...

take care of her always...thanks

Sandeepa said...

OMG Cee Kay... that is so funny. S is such a sweet & innocent child I think.
I have no clue how to handle a9 year old, so shall cross the bridge when we come to it :)

swapna said...

Hi Asha and GTN
thanku for ur advice.
i will do that if my daughter reaches the appropriate age.(now she is only 3 years)I will be carefull now..while she watching Tv.