Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Posting GuideLines

(This post is from Sandeepa of Bong Mom's CookBook)

Before welcoming all our mebers I thought I would re-iterate the Posting Guidelines. This is just a guideline and if you want some changes you all are welcome with your suggestions.

1. Post/topic should be related to the subject of Moms and Kids. It can be personal experiences, your views, discussions anything. Just be yourself and post. If you are qouting other sources please put a link. Do not use contents that are NOT for public use. If not sure ask the author.

2. Please start the post with your name and blog name if you have a blog else just your name at beginning of each post should be fine (Ex: "This post is written by X of Blg Y")

3. After writing the post, please attach a meaningful label/category so that it would be easy to search all the posts in that category. Use meaingful labels For e.g.: Play, Infant Book, Toddler Books, Young Adult Books, Learning, Healthy Habits etc.

4. Please keep the language pleasant and polite. Don't be Rude and inappropriate, we are all your friends here, keep that in mind. Please don't hurt any one

5. Please participate regularly contributing a topic or responding to topics via comments, so that the community will be alive. As a evolving community, we need all the help we can. Share your ideas about how you want this blog to grow. This is YOUR blog, shape it as we all want. Contribute and comment.

6.If you want post photos I would suggest you do it at your own space in Photobucket or Flickr and just put the IMG url in this blog. That way your photo remains at your private space

7.If you have not been a active member for six consecutive months i.e. you have participated by neither commenting nor posting, the admin has rights to revoke your membership

As soon as you can login and post try to do a short post with an intro about your kids, their ages, interest etc. Just put information which you would like to share. This will help other Moms know you a bit better. Do not mention real names etc. if you are not comfortable


Asha said...

Hi Sandeepa,great guidelines here and I have one ready to go.May be I will post it later today?!
I am also putting this on my sidebar with a link so more ppl can know about this.Thanks girl for a wonderful blog which helps young moms.Hope more moms will participate!:)

Sandeepa said...

Hey Everyone,
Let me know if you want a 200 x 200 icon to put on your sidebar advertising this blog

Sandeepa said...

Looking forward to your post :)

Asha said...

A icon would be very nice Sandeepa,I will wait for it.I will post later today then.Thanks friend:)

SJ said...

Hi Sandeepa, When I started working after A was born, I had a lot questions about the the etrnal "daycare or homecare or nanny". I have started a write-up woth what I think after 2 yrs are the pros and cons of each. Others acan also add their feedback and it would be auseful resource for other new moms with the same dilemma... But I need to get time to fonish it :-)

SJ said...

PS, I'll make sure the write -up doesn't have as many typos as my comment above :-)

Sandeepa said...

That would be great SJ. Looking forward to it. And putting my 2 cents in it too. Though S started daycare since last year, have seen my friends experience both

Would love to share my experience once you do the post

Anu Karthik said...

hi Sandeepa,

i would like to post, but not sure how to..can u give me access pls?