Saturday, April 28, 2007

Quick Hello

Hi All! Just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to the club. It's been long overdue.

I'm a mother of a 9 month old girl, M. My journey through pregnancy till now has been eventful, part of which I have chronicled in my blog. I have been reading all the posts here and I'm very glad that Sandeepa took the initiative to come up with a blog full of ideas & resources to help and support moms. The uncertainty and apprehension that parents go through at every stage in a child's development is made less so with sharing of experiences, thoughts and ideas. Thank you all for your contributions! I hope to be a constructive contributor soon.

See you all around, Desi Momz!

Suggestion: Can posts be categorized by age groups as well?


Asha said...

Hello Vani,welcome to DMC!:)

Sandeepa is out for the weekend,thought I would say hello to you.So far we haven't considered the age groups to discuss.We will see what Sandeepa says.Have a great week end:)

david santos said...

Thanks for you work, is very good, and have a good week

R2K said...

: )

Sandeepa said...

Hi Vani
Welcome..good to see you got a little time

Hey Asha and Vani
Actually its the readers who label their posts in the category they think fit.
I think its a good idea to add a label for age group in your posts too. But again its on the members because the admins do not decide the labels

So Vani why don't you initiate the idea ?

swapna said...

hi vani
welcome to dmc.looking forward more from u..:-)

GettingThereNow said...

Hello Vani! Looking forward to reading more posts. Labeling by age groups seems like a very good idea. We could just come up with a few "standard" labels - Infants, Toddler Years, 5-8, Pre-teens, etc. This is just an example and not in any way the only way to label.

Asha said...

Thanks Sandeepa for clearing that age group q from Vani:)