Thursday, April 19, 2007

Simple tested Kid crafts

[This post is written by Tharini of Winkie's Way.]

Hi Girls...

Just sharing here a new craft that Winkie and I, did together yesterday. We are crafting in full swing now. He's been home nursing a cold, and so every afternoon, when he tires of his trains and computer games, we sit down to constructively use our hands. I plan to make a regular chronicle of all the odds and ends we craft together, because he has begun to enjoy it, and I dare say we can make some things that will be of some value around the house. Also, it will serve as a databank for anyone looking for ideas, and I can look forward to some feedback and ideas in return.

Project : Pencil holder

Materials needed :

Some plain cardboard material (I used the scrap cover from a clock I once bought)

Popsicle sticks (I got them from walmart)

Kid friendly non toxic glue


Scissors (the adult ones, you'll be doing all the cutting in this one)

Total Time required: 2 hours


1. Cut the 4 sides of the box to the measurements you want, and then cello-tape them together from the inside to form a box. I don't think glue would have worked for the joining. Also, cello-taping from the inside is better, otw, when you glue the sticks on to the sides of the box, they don't remain steady.

2. Then cut a square for the base and make it slightly bigger than the actual base of the box. Use glue to connect the box to the base. Let it remain for 15 min, so it holds firm.

3. Start glueing the sticks to the sides of the box to finish all four sides. You can use any permutation of colours that you like. Let it hold for 1/2 an hour.

4. Then cut off the extra bits from the base, so none of the cardboard sticks out. (pun unintended)!

5. Find a use for it. I wanted to build upon the riot of colours and use it to house his colour pencils. (*pssst*...this makes a great Father's Day gift, for Dad to display on his desk at work.)

PS - I appreciate any suggestions on how better we could have accomplished this. Also, its my desire to craft with things lying around the house, things that we may normally recycle or trash without a second thought, and not have to buy from the stores other than the regular stuff like colour pencils/paints, some basic craft paper, etc. Its going to be a challenge, but I'm sure its doable. It would be great if you all can also share your ideas towards the same and any projects that you have undertaken with your children. Age no bar on this one. :)


Praba said...

T -

As Sheela mentioned, there's some synchronicity going on in all our thinking...I was thinking of requesting you to put up a list. Craft Corner is a great idea! LOVE IT!

Praba said...

thank you! awesome!

Sandeepa said...

Awesome...its done so neatly and beautifully. You have a talent Tharini to complete this. I am sure S will go away mid-way through this :)

Everyone, please share with Tharini about your craft ideas and she will put them in her Craft Corner

Tharini said...

Thank Praba. Great minds think alike?;)

Thanks Sandeepa...I'm afraid Winkie was bulldozed into sitting thru it. Maybe you and S can tackle one side a day. :)

Asha said...

How beautiful Tarini!!
Really colorful for the kids.Sorry you didn't make those sturdy enough withstand the kiddie bulldozer!!:D

swapna said...

Hi tarini
that was really good!

Reena said...

Tharini, That is awesome.

Sheela said...

wonderful, tharini, thanks for sharing. glad to see a nice bright hands-on craft idea here... you've inspired me to post a few i do with my toddler - well, at two, kids lack the dexterity but make up for it in gusto and originality, so, am still debating ;-)

Roopa said...

Very beautifull tarini, it is a great idea for craft corner.

mcewen said...

Hmm. I wonder if I can direct my husband towards the computer screen - afterall Mother's Day is just around the corner.