Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Food, Japanese Lunchboxes and Fenugreek

I am sure you are all wondering what do all these have in common. Well I hope it is ok to inform you here at DesiMomz that these are the latest articles on The Daily Tiffin.

Many of you probably know the gorgeous Nandita, she is doing a current series called "Inside The Indian Household." This week she discusses Fenugreek and gives a couple of her great recipes.
A new member to our team, JG has written a great introductory article for our Tiffin Tuesday session. JG talks about The Art of Japanese Lunchboxes. It's not only about Japanese food but about the concept of preparing healthy lunch boxes for your kids.
Lastly, I wrote a short piece on fruit and vegetables of the season. Spring Food discusses a few great fruit and vegetables that are now appearing in our produce sections and markets. Check it out and I would really love it if some of you would add your own fruit/veg of the season to complete the list.

Hope you enjoy the articles.


Asha said...

I love Methi,made methi parathas yesterday for JFI:)
I will check it out,thanks Meeta.

Dee said...

On another note, a daily dose of Methi was recommended to me by my pediatrician for promoting a good supply of breastmilk back when I was nursing. Methi is a wonderful thing..

Eva Will said...

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