Monday, April 16, 2007

Tell me what you want...

Hi Everyone
The Club rocks and thanks to all of you for that.!!! You are so forthcoming with your posts, ideas and comments that the mood is really upbeat around here and that is what makes it a thriving community,
Some of the members are a little busy I guess but as soon as you get some time do drop in with your news and views too. We would love to know what you would like around here, a chilled Martini or Nimbu Pani or may be both in moderation and for that we want you around :D

To keep the community thriving I had a certain idea which was further triggered by Sheela’s post.
Now tell me what do you think ?

Every Month from May we will take up a particular issue/topic and that will be “The Club Topic for the Month”.
However as Asha had said we don’t want to narrow down things and so we will assign a single day each week when we will discuss the issue. So say, every Friday of a Month we will devote to the topic for that Month. All other days we can discuss all else under the sun. Does that sound right or do you want more days for it?
We can also revisit posts that have been already discussed if they are aligned for a particular topic

Now for the Month of May we have to choose a topic.

Following are my suggestions. Please let me know your suggestions too and let’s Vote for a topic for May.

May 13th being Mothers Day. We can devote it to Motherhood. What Motherhood has done to You ? Differences that you observe in your and your mother’s Mommy techniques. If you have a Mother’s Day memory or tradition to share please do so.

If you have any suggestions please please put in a comment.

So come on and lets pick up a topic for May and also pour in your suggestions


Reena said...

Sandeepa, Good points. I like the idea of posting our techniques vs our mothers:). It should be fun.

I have another idea. We should come up with an event for mother's day. Something to do with mommies and babies. Something interesting!! What does everyone think?

Dee said...

Hi Sandeepa,
The idea sounds great! The topic of focus is apt for the month. How about posting a very memorable pic/incident (or providing a link to it ) between the mommy and baby, for a mother's day activity ? Just an idea..I am very open to other suggestions too...anything fun is good :)

swapna said...

This is a good choice sandeepa..actually i am waiting for this to come up..

Sorry sandeepa..I have no idea ..but want to enjoy the ideas of every body by participating in this.

Asha said...

Hi Sandeepa, a topic a month is great as well,so everybody ie 30+ members can get a chance to express their views and points.
Once or twice a week ,we can narrow to one subject which would fun.
May should be for mothers indeed,can share anything you like,a memory, or differences in raising betn us and our mothers would be great too.
Let's start something real from May.If you need anything from me ,let know:)

Sheela said...

Sandeepa, wonderful idea! May as the month of Motherhood, inviting posts about motherhood, just sounds perfect. Especially for some of us (i hope it is not just me:-P), motherhood sinks in only over time - i could not think of myself as a mommy for several months after my wee one arrived!

i am soo excited about this idea that i am jumping the gun and thinking about "Fatherhood June" already :)

Shilpa. said...

Hi Sandeepa,

This club rocks indeed! It's just too bad I'm unable to keep up with all the new posts! Wow! :) What a great idea you had!

Hmmm, I'm not against the Friday of a month idea, except that with different time zones, wouldn't some of us be at a disadvantage? Even Mothers' Day is on a different date around the world, so I'm a bit lost, heh heh..

Anyhow, for the month of May, it is more than appropriate that we speak of the impacts of motherhood, although I suspect things like that can get really really long! :)

Sorry I don't have any suggestions for now, really should be getting to bed (it's almost 3 am on my side)...zzzz

Roopa said...

Hi Sandeepa,
Thats is a very good idea!
IT would be great that way as we could focus on common topics

Praba said...

Hi Sandeepa -

Great idea! Fridays should work..

thanks for the initiative!


DR said...

Hi Sandeepa,
the idea is very nice...maybe we can add a bit of humor to it by adding a story/incident which happened during/immediately after the birth of the little one.[cant forget how A-SENIOR reacted to my labor pains ;-)) ]


Tharini said...

Hi THERE's a thought! :)

A good theme for a good month. And acc. tome a good topic would be:

1. A special memory that you have of your mother; an anecdote of a moment that forever stands out in your mind when you recall her.

And on a similar note...the most outstanding memory that you have in relation to your childkids in lieu of being thier mother.

2. If you were to get a break from being a mother....what would be the ideal way that you'd like to spend it. (Here's everyone's facies can run a little wild and we can dream up the most bizarre things for's our daydream/fantasy/etc ain't it? :)

Sandeepa said...

I think all of the ideas are great. I will sum them up and the members can choose any one of them to write on.

Are Fridays Good ? Do you think we should have one more day ?

Don't worry about the Time zone. Fridays at your time is good enough, the others can read and comment at their own sweet time

Tharini said...

Sandeepa...I think having just one day, Friday, would be a very short time window, given the no. of members involved. How about clubbing Thursday as well. Thursday/Friday for topical discussions and a winding down over the wknd.

GettingThereNow said...

Can we have fridays and saturdays instead? I am running around all week like crazy and friday night/saturday morning is the only time I can blog "on a schedule". Or we can just introduce the subject on a pre-determined friday and members can blog about it any time during the rest of the month. The topic changes with the month.

Kay said...

Great idea!

I'd love to see
- Food ideas
- Activities to do with toddlers/children at home other than mindless video games
- Outdoor activites that kids can enjoy and participate
- teach the value of money to kids
- teach them money isn't everything

say, anything that helps in enriching the kids - challenging them and helping them grow as a well rounded individual who can make decisions on their own.

Also, something for mommies so we dont crash and burn or become martyrs.

jyoti said...

I have a two year old boy and have recenlty joined an american playgroup now although my english is decent I am usually short of topics, and it ends up with me asking too many questions abt how ur kid do this and that.
The prblem is I have the asumption that I am he most boring member out of all.
I would thus advise how to be a hit or atleast an interseting member of such playgroups.