Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Urinal infections in kids

(This post is by Swapna of susarlas kitchen.)

Hi all..
Today here i want to talk about the urinal infections in kids.

At first i also thought that Kids won't get these type of infections.But later i was proved wrong..With own experience with my daughter.Now she is absolutely fine as she undergone all the medication and all.

So here i am giving u my experience and some suggestions to all of u moms..


The urinary tract infection will be caused by a bacteria.We can't say why?Mostly in baby girls it may occur.

Actually in some kids the pump which takes the urine from the kidney to the urinary tract will be in reverse direction also...means the urine will goes back to the kidney again..can u believe this..i got all this news from the pediatrician who diagnosed my kid.This problem will go away with their age..But with some regular tests and we have to take care of it..Because of the reverse direction there is a chance of getting the kidney infection also..


  • frequent fevers...
  • Vomiting..
  • Bad smell in the urine..
  • Irritation when urinating..
  • Child crying when going for urination..

There is no need to worry because in these days so many medications are
there .
If ur child is suffering from any of the above symptoms ...immediately do the urine examination.Don't neglect.if the urine has bacteria..they do the culture test for it.It tells which bacteria caused the particular infection.

Then take ur kid to a doctor .They will give some antibiotic syrup by watching the report.
There will be protocol of tests which ur kid has to undergo..Some will be painful ...but as i said already don't neglect.If u do that u will be the one to suffer along with ur child.

By doing all the tests and using the medicines as supposed by the doctor ur child will be free from this infections..


  • Giving fluids regularly and taking him/her to do urinate will give u a better results.
  • Don't keep the diapers for so may cause the infections.
  • Clean the urethra after the urination.
  • Follow the instructions from the doctor .
  • don't stop the medicine until the doctor told.
There is another suggestion from Trupti of The spicewholovedme.
  • for the girls, especially, as they are more prone to these types of infections, teach them to wipe from front to back after using the washroom...not the other way around- this stops fecal bacteria from entering the Urinary canal.

    Of course, washing hands thoroughly afterwards..applies to all of us.
If u want more info on this read HERE and HERE.

Here i have given this information on my experience as i already told...if u feel bad for this i am sorry...


Asha said...

Swapna,do not apologize!!
You have given a great information for young mothers and some links too.Thank you for that.

I am glad your child doing well now!:))

Yes,urinal infections sometimes happen for some kids.By proper care by a Pediatrician,you can deal with that.It's good of you to share your experiences.

swapna said...

Hi ashaji
thanku..really we had a bad period with her when we were in U.K.
For one weak she has continuous fever.As u also stayed in U.K.u may know how the medication will be over there.We spent horrible nights with her.she too suffered a lot.

Asha said...

They have NHS system there in UK which doesn't work that well.All is well now ,don't worry.

I know the pain and helplessness we feel when our kids are suffering and we can not take their pain!It's a terrible feeling.
Tushar had frequent ear infections when he was young!Thank God,kids get over these as they grow old.

Hugs to you and your daughter:))

Ranjani said...

thank you so much for this info.

trupti said...

Good Points Swapna, thank you for bringing this topic another I might add is to teach them good hygiene right from the beginning:

for the girls, especially, as they are more prone to these types of infections, teach them to wipe from front to back after using the washroom...not the other way around- this stops fecal bacteria from entering the Urinary canal.

Of course, washing hands thoroughly afterwards..applies to all of us.

Maheswari said...

Thanks Swapna for bringing this up.Needed info for mothers like me..

Reena said...

Swapna, Good info. Thanks

Trupti, I was going to post that pointer about wiping and see that you already have. Wiping from front to back should be followed by all women.

Praba said...

Hi Swapna -

Thanks for the info. After my older daughter started preschool(full-day), I feel her water intake has come down quite a bit. Just worries me...Water is so important (both for our kids, and also for us for losing weight...(remember Shilpa's post - drink plenty of water - that was in her weight loss program!)) :-) In winter particularly, I think my daughter's water consumption drops drastically.. I am starting give my infant water since she is on solids now. I nurse her - so I make sure drink a lot. When I was pregnant with my first one, I had a round of UTI..thankfully nothing the second time...

Shivapriya said...

Hey Swapna
Don't feel sorry, Your Info will help us to take precautions. I can understand the pain you and lil one went thru.

Thanks for sharing and for helpful tips and suggestions.

Manisha said...

With girls, it's important to teach them to wipe front to back. If they are still wearing diapers, then wipe them the same way - front to back so that bacteria from their poo or from the rectal area does not reach the urethra. UTIs can be painful and can lead to very high fevers.

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Swapna...for the info. Have not been through this yet.
Like you even I though it doesn't happen to little girls :-)
But then my friends daughter was down with it.

Thanks for all that info

Asha said...


just wanted to tell you that to read Trupti's suggestion about wiping from front to back and if you can,add that to your list of suggestions so everybody can read it easy than going thru' the comments.Thanks.

I bet your doctor has instructed that to you in the hospital too.

swapna said...

Hi Ranjani


Hi trupti
thats a very nice point.Yes i am doing it.I have included ur suggestion also in my post..have a look..

hi mahi
yes.every one should know this info..because in these days these infections are becoming common..and also with the help of a good doctor we can come over these things...

hi reena
thanku.ur suggestion is also a valid one.

Hi praba
what u said is absolutely correct.drinking water is good for evryone.

Hi shivapriya my lilone is perfectly alright..

hi manisha
we have to stop the diapers for kids as soon as possible.if not there is a chance of getting the infections.

hi sandeepa
i too thought at the same way.there is no need to worry also..these infections will go away if we take a better is ur friend's daughter now?

hi ashaji
Thanku.i have done what u said.i forgot to mention it.