Saturday, May 12, 2007

आई (Aai - mother in marathi)

Posted by Saheli

When Asha posted the theme for May, I got straight to it. I started the post at my blog "Saheli". When I reached half way thru I was very depressed and it was too hard for me to continue. (I lost my Aai 8 yrs ago). I abruptly ended my post and well cried for a long time...

I was never close to her. I never shared anything with her. I don't know why? She wasn't very strict, in fact she was very jolly. But, I never said 'I love you' enough to her. I regret that so much. If only I had another chance... Well, this M-day(actually last week) I have made a promise to myself. I am going to be a friend to my kids. Though I do (try to do) all motherly stuff for them, I am going to be their confidant. I want them to come to me and tell me whatever they want to. They should be comfortable with me. I will tell them how much I love them and always care for them. I will be always there for them. (my tears are not very well trained, they don't know when to stop or start for that matter...)

Yeah! I know I need to take some 'writing skills' class ;)

I am not aiming for perfection in motherhood but, I want to give my 100% to be the best 'mamma' to my kids.

Happy M-day to everyone!

PS: I love you Aai and miss you very much. (I know you are watching over me...)


Asha said...

Saheli,hugs to you and you are a great writer.I can feel your pain,that should tell you something.I am not a very emotional person ,do not cry at all even in pain.I did feel for you girl.
My kids tell me they love me everyday and I tell them the same but my husband has a very hard time expressing his feelings.I encourage my kids to be open with him for the same reason.
Enjoy every moment of your kids life,be a friend and a good parent.We are here for you.Good luck to you and have a great Mother's day:))

Sushma said...

Dear Saheli, It was a very touching story...I do feel for your pain...but dear you are living each moment of your mom by carrying on the Great teachings your mom has given by passing them to your children...

Take care of yourself And lots of hugs to you on this Mother's day

shweta said...

Dear Saheli,

It was very heart warming to read your post.Your Mom is always there with you in all your thoughts & actions.
Cherish every moment with your family.HOpe you had a wonderful Mother's Day !!!

swapna said...

Hi saheli
that is very touching.Even i too feel sad after reading about ur u said every parent must be friendly with their kids.happy mother's ady to u too.

Saheli said...

Thanks Asha, Sushma, Shweta and Swapna for your best wishes and those special hugs.
My 4 yr old daughter says that whenever I miss my mom she will be my mom and I can be her 'bittu'. She also lets me put my head on her lap, and that just makes my day.
Thanks again and hope you had a wonderful M-day too.

abhimanyu said...

dolyat panich aal vachun...phar feel hote konhi pan he vachun,pan jechyashi ghat te tyalach mahit rhate pain kaay rhate...say my sweet "hiiii" to your lovely daughter...tumala marathi tar yetch asal..tumhi marathit lhivana mag,if u wish to continue writing..hi site paha, madad vahil tumala....