Thursday, May 3, 2007

For My Saraswathi

(This post is from Saraswathi of A Journey and published by Sandeepa)

This post was sent to me by a sweet young 22 year old, working as an Engineer in India. She is Saraswathi and blogs at A Journey

She says "Though amn't married I really love reading the mom's stuff on DMC. Its a great initiative:)
When I read that the topic for this month is "Mother's Day" I wanted to write about my mom whom I love a lot:) You can publish my post if you feel it is relevant to your club:)"

Her very sweet and honest article begins here and I sincerely hope her Mother gets to read this some day:-

When I was young, I always hated my mom. Hatred in the sense I felt she wasn't properly educated and always back-answered her for every small thing. We had loads of fights after which I always used to wish I wasn't her daughter. Will give you one example of a small fight we would have every morning(Now when I think back I get a smile on my face). Mom would plait my hair every morning to go to school. I used to fight that she plait my hair before I go for my bath. And she would say that if she does that my hair would be spoilt again during the bath and she will plait it after my bath. These small fights just lead me away from my mom.

I never shared any experiences of mine with her and most of the times would lie to her. She bore all my idiosyncracies with grace. She was always calm and patient even when I used to shout at her or get angry on her unnecesarily. She never questioned me why I was acting like that. She would hug me after such fights and that would sometimes put me to shame. She is a fun-loving person. She is great at mimicry and dancing. She dances as if nobody is watching her. As I grew up I slowly started realising her contribution to my life. She gave me complete freedom. Even if I hurt her she would never show off that she was hurt. She would act as if nothing happened and always poured unlimited love. I adore her patience. Gradually I started seeing myself in her shoes and realised completely how difficult it is to be a mom. Its sacrifice, love, patience and what you get in return is sometimes bad words from your own kids.

I have changed completely now. Though I do back-answer her at times I have a greater understanding of what she feels and I think its my responsibility to see her happy now and forever. After mom's marriage she went through lots of trauma thanks to my grandma. But she never told a bad thing about my grandma to me. I came to know of it through my uncle. She used to always tell me "No matter what people have done to you(good or bad) always learn to love them and not talk bad of them". She is indeed a great lady.

At this moment I feel proud to say am my Momma's daughter:) She is the lady who taught me what patience is, what it is to be a mother, what it is to be silent when you are in a storm. I bow to this lady who means everything to me. My God, my Friend, my Mother

Today is my parent's marriage anniversary and I wish and pray for their everlasting love, happiness, good health, wealth, success and all the good things in life.

I love you mom! You are simply the best:-*

(My mom's name is Devika. Her native is Salem,Tamilnadu. She is a housewife and today my parents are celebrating their 28th marriage anniversary. She got married at the age of 18. I have an elder bro too who simply adores and worships my mom :)


Tharini said...

I had tears in my eyes reading this. My story is a little similar. beautiful start to Mother's May.

Saheli said...

Aw! Is indeed a very sweet post. I hope you mom can see how much her daughter loves and respects her.
Thanks Saraswathi & Sandeepa.

Kodi's Mom said...

very touching post, Saraswathi and I can totally relate...maybe it had to do with being a SAHM in a time when it was considered 'cool' to be a working mom - but I can understand sentiments you felt as a child. I hope your mom reads this very sweet post of yours!

Asha said...

Saraswathi, great start for Mother's day!:))
That's how we all start out ,don't we? and then we grow up to become exactly like our mothers!:D

Great to read it and hope you have told your mom how you feel now!!Hope she knows you regret your past behavior and respect her for what she is now and then:)

Sandeepa said...

Saraswathi... very honest and true post. Many of us did the same maybe but you were frank with it and from your blog I know you all had a great anniversary celebration for your parents :)

swapna said...

Hi saraswati
i too used to have so many fights with my mom..i am literally crying now after reading all the posts for mothers..thanks for sharing ur experience ..
happy mother's day to u too.

Saraswathi said...

@Sandeepa: First of all thanks so much for posting this experience.You really made my day:)

@tharini: Mothers are so special naa sometimes I too get off tears when I think of her or study sth about totally a senti person:)

@Saheli:Thanks so much. I will surely some day show this post to my mom:)

@Kodi's mom: Ya when I was a kid it was sort of a feeling "mom is always at home" so probably she doesnt know anything. But now I know she is much much more intelligent and patient than any person with a good education.

@asha: Ya we all end up being like our mothers at the end:)I havent told my mom I had such bad feelings towards her when I was a child but I know she understands that I really love her now:)

@sandeepa:Thanks so much. Ya their anniversary was just perfect:)

@swapna:Happy mother's day to you too:)let this mother's day be a great day for all mom's

Here wishing all the members of DMC a very happy mother's day!
You all rock:)

noon said...

What a nice honest is beautiful because of how candid and straight forward it is. And I could relate to it too. Even if not in the same exact way, I still have had so many arguments with both my parents and I now wonder how they never showed any hurt or even any memory of all that. I hope to be like them in understanding the different phases of growing up and accepting it all with grace and genuine affection...