Thursday, May 17, 2007

BBMM: Bangalore Blogging Mommies Meet

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I put this up at my blog, I thought I would cross-post here with the hope of more exposure...

Calling all Blogging Mothers in Bangalore! I suggested a play date to Aqua, since we're both in Bangalore, but she came up with an even better idea. A blog meet. And we would love to see who else we can round up. You are invited to this event if:

1) You are from Bangalore
2) You are a mother
3) You have a blog
4) You are I mean you want to meet new people.

Wait, that sounds too clique-y. Let me change that..You are invited if:

1) You happen to be in Bangalore at the time of the meet. You don't have to be from Bangalore. Not many people who live here are, anyway :)
2) You need not be a mother, but must be able to tolerate discussions on poop, breasts and other unmentionables that mommies talk about. And it would be nice if you told us that our kids are super-smart and that we look sexy.
3) You don't have to blog, but it would be nice if you knew what a blog is.
4) You don't have to be social, we will ignore you anyways :)

Seriously, it would be great if we could all meet up. Venue and Time is up for grabs. Please email/comment on Aqua's or my space.

I vote for any feasible Sunday afternoon outing at Amoeba, Church Street. They have a huge kiddie play area above the bowling floor, and a pretty decent European style cafe (20 ft high) on the top floor.

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Asha said...

Okie Dokey!! Is there an article coming in for Mother's day month from you at all? ;D
I wish I was in B'lore now,so I can meet you all but alas!!Have fun and enjoy the poopy talk!!

Sandeepa said...

I want to come !!!!!! Good idea poppins.

And as Asha said ditto :)

Poppins said...

@Asha: It will, patience :-)
@Sandeepa: Ah how wonderful it would be if we could all meet up. Someday perhaps !

Saheli said...

I want to come too!
I think I'm going to charter a plane.
Donations anyone ;)
Have fun Poppins!

Dee said...

cool idea .. I've been thinking of something on these if any of you guys are coming to Houston, lemme know :)

Lata said...

I thought I visited your blog before but looks like I never visited this one. It is real cool, good job.

GettingThereNow said...

I want to come too. How about choosing a venue here in Norwalk, CT? :D I would move back to India just to be able to attend these blogger meets but then the thought of having to tolerate the entire extended family for extended periods of time puts a halt to that train of thought right there!! LOL.

Poppins said...

@Thanks Guys ! I haven't got too many responses unfortunately.. Will wait it out a bit and give an account of how it went !

swapna said...

good idea poppins.I am also a resident of bangoloore.(as we bought a house there).i wish i was there.:-)