Thursday, May 3, 2007

The bliss of Motherhood

(This post is written by ramya of
Amma.........Mommy.......Mama...Ma........whatever language it may be we hear the same sound.It's very rhythmic.

Motherhood is a blissful experience that god showered on me.What can i say it actually changed me from a carefree person to a responsible one.I feel being mother changes a lot in the way of thinking,behaving,taking the responsibilities and maybe everything in life revolves only around little one's.we think about them in whatever decision we make.
Ya when she was born we r so afraid to hold her in our hands as she is so tiny and i felt is this real or a dream and finally ya its not a dream.I forgot the pain of my stitches they didn't bother me allot in the hurry to take her near me.I wanted to be near her and just look at her.
she is cute,
she is brittle,
she is wonderful,
she is the little angel,
she just walked into my life,
spreading the brightness of her laugh all over .

This is what i feel after having a baby only a mother can know about a mother.
We sheid our children from all the evil.we stand before it.
Coming to my Mom:My momma is the best.
Coming from a small village.She is well educated she was the first one to go so far in that village and next my aunt(pinni) my mom's sis also graduated . I say both my parents worked hard to make me and my brother what we r now.Hats off mom and dad.
She is a school teacher who moulded me into this person if she is not there i am not.
I remember those days i used to quarrel with her regarding studies,food,hair do,clothing almost everything but when we look back we have a hearty laugh.My mom says u changed a lot.ya i am a stubborn,straight headed girl.who wants to decide what she wants to wear or do which my mom does that for so many years .i didn't like her involvement then.i used to ask now u tell me what i should do.Yes i do have changed a lot.After my daughter came into the world.
But now i consult her before doing most of the things.I am what i am because of my mom and dad.Even my daughter when i am pregnant she cared a lot.She was there in every moment of my life.But i am not there to care for her.Can i even do half of what she has done to me.i would say i don't know.But i will try.Even my mom says the same.
I describe my mom as self made,straight forward,independent lovely woman who makes her own decisions.Thanks to my dad.We had a sweet nice little home like we two we have two.

And i like to mention my ammamma(grandma),aunt(pinni).As these r also behind me my well wishers and my grandma raised me till i go to school,and my aunt helped her.I salute them and love them a lot.As i was the only girl in both the families i had the butter and cream.i was the most looked after one.For me my mom and aunt ,ammamma all r same.My aunt is also a teacher.
What can i say mom's r the best.The world is because of moms how ever they be what ever they may be.We the moms that make the world a happy place.
This is my post for my amma,ammamma,pinni and my daughter.


Sandeepa said...

Like you even I feel I hardly do anything for my Mom, compared to what she has done for me.
Hugs to all the women in your family :)

Asha said...

Ramya,that a great tribute to women in your family.As they say "it takes a village to raise a child" and it applies to you perfectly.Hugs to you:))

Shivapriya said...

Wonderful poem ramya. Happy Mothers day!!