Monday, May 21, 2007

Bread for toddlers?

My 19mo has taken an intense liking for white bread. It started a few weeks ago when he had a sore throat and couldn't eat much. We tried white bread soaked in milk as it is easy on the throat and that worked. But now, that is all he wants first thing in the morning.

It wouldn't be so bad except store bought white bread has all the wrong things - incl refined flour and high fructose corn syrup. I was ok with it once in a while, but if he's eating it consistently, I'd rather make something equivalent at home.

So my question to you all is: do you have any recipes/sources for recipes for making ultra soft bread at home? Not sweet or fruit bread but the regular sandwich bread. And, we don't use egg either, so I would need something eggless or a recipe in which I could substitute for egg! (I generally use applesauce or ripe bananas - but not all recipes are favorable for this)



SJ said...

Hi Kodi's Mom,

I went through this same dilemma some time ago. I have a bunch of bread recipes at home. I'll send some more to you over the weekend. Keep in mind home made bread with all the good ingredients and no preservatives will stay fresh only for about 3-4 days (unlike store brought which seems to last forever), but tastes so much better. If you seriously plan on making bread for your family on a regular, do consider buying yourself a bread machine. I have the Breadman TR2200 (bought for ~ $85 from Costco). Awesome bread and much easier than making by hand. Also try to get your child interested in whole wheat bread. You can adapt any white bread recipe just put white flour and whole wheat flour in 1:1 ratio. Don't put more whole wheat than that as your bread will not rise or be soft.

Basic white bread recipe for 1.5 pound loaf. (maybe 10-12 slices)
2 tbsp butter (or margarine)
1 cup + 1 tbsp water (at room temperature)
3 cups bread flour (I use "bread flour" not "all purpose", available in baking section of all grocery stores in US, bread flour has a higher gluten content than other flours)
1-1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp milk powder
3 tbsp sugar (original recipe calls for 2tbsp, I like it better with 3)
2 tsp yeast (Fleishmann brand works best for me)

I throw all the ingredients into the bread machine and 3-4 hours later you have perfect home made bread! I am 100% certain about the proportions, since I make it twice a week. What I am not sure about are the rise times I have listed below as I don't do it by hand. If you are making by hand, you'll have to mix everything well punch and box and work out your hand muscles :-)
Let it rise for about 30 min, knead again for about 8-10 min, let rise again for about 45 min or till almost double. Bake at about 350 till crust is golden brown.

Also try to develop a liking of whole wheat bread in your child. First time try mixing 1 cup whole wheat + 2 cups white flour. If he/she eats it, then move on to 1.5 cups whole wheat amd 1.5 cups white flour. Anything more than that makes the bread very dense and heavy and doesn't rise properly. Been there - done that!

Honestly, if you plan to make on a regular basis, do consider buying a bread machine. I have done loads of research on bread machines so feel free to ask any questions you have - maybe I should do a post on homemade bread sometime :-)

Asha said...

Hi KM,let him have it every day until he gets tired of it and believe me,he will!!My son ate Chicken nuggets for a looog time and now he doesn't even like those.
But if you like to try baking bread at home ,it's fine too.Sj has a great recipe and you can also google for one.I have Rye mixed white bread at Foodie's hope but not a white bread.Good luck:))

Kodi's Mom said...

Thank you so very much, SJ - I will try out your recipe for sure. Ironically, he used to eat toasted organic w.wheat bread - which is the only thing we bought -up until this sore throat thing. Look forward to your bread machine post..

Asha, so you're saying give him so much white bread that he'll beg me to stop?? that is what I call cool-headed parenting ;)

swapna said...

Hi Kodi's mom
here is one site u can go thru.

Kay said...

Kodi's mom,

There's a wholegrain white bread - made from wheat which is white in color and tastes a bit mellow than the typical red wheat. You might want to try that. The goodness of wholewheat and the color and fluffiness of white - win-win situation. :)