Tuesday, May 8, 2007

CNN Quantifying Mothers Worth

Bee of JugalBandi had sent me this link to share with you all. Many of you must have read it already. The CNN dhamaka every year around this time as how much a "Stay at home Mom" should get paid and how much a "Staying partly at home Mom" (yeah a new term should be coined I thought because both the moms are working and both stay at home and not in a hotel I guess) should get paid and blah, blah, blah...


Why ? Does this make the Mom happy ? Does CNN pay Moms (who are not CNN employees) the hefty salary ? Do people appreciate Moms more because CNN has come up with this ? --- NO

So why this ? Who cares ? Why the need to prove to the society the worth of a "stay at home Mom" or "Staying partly at home Mom"? If the society does not understand to the hell with it.

It's my choice. When I decided to take a break from work many wondered aloud that maybe it wasn't right. People don't seem convinced that I am not particulary worried about my career right now and am happy with my reduced stress job and my daughter is more important. If I tell them I am perfectly capable and am professionally qualified with an Engg. degree followed by a Masters in the US they think there is something wrong with me. They tell me its important that 2 people earn to live a luxurious lifestyle. I tell this is fine with me, I need not take my daughter on a Disney Cruise or buy her expensive gifts. Thats not what a little 3 year old wants

When my colleague left her job after her 6 month old became sick at the daycare some thought she was the kind who always "worried" and so this was best for her not because the baby needed the Mother, no, but because the Mother was the "worrying" kind !!!

If a Mother decides to go back to work and handle work and home it's her choice again. CNN coming up with some arbit number will neither help her manage better nor will it soothe her separation anxiety.

So why prove to people who don't understand. But if CNN wants to pay I would gladly oblige and would hire a full time nanny. Oh but wait...if my nanny is a Mom, CNN pays her too !!!

Quantifying a Mother's worth ... I say it's absurd !!!


Asha said...

We were watching that in CNN with Arvind who was eating his Cereal in the morning and I thoroughly enjoyed to let him know that how much I am worth monetarily at least per year and how much he is saving by having me around!:D
I wish I could be paid like France does for their stay at home moms but of course what I do for my kids has no price.Reward is their happiness and secure feeling.
CNN doesn't pay but at least it's good to know somebody is taking notice of what I do.My family thinks everything comes automatically on the table,clothes gets washed and ironed bcos they are not around when I do all those!!
Good to know I am worth $138000/yr.Now who is paying? Hello...:D

indosungod said...

Sandeepa, yes I did see the article. What we choose to do is our own choice. Pendulum swung one way starting in the late 90s extolling the virtues of moms staying at home and now it is starting to swing the other way asking them to stay put in the work force. For one thing this is a personal choice made based on each one's personal family circumstances. This choice is not for anybody to discuss about or dictated but just between your family and you.

The $ value placed on the services provided by the mom at home seems well worth the price. In absolute terms no monetary value is every going to be worth it but it is important for everybody to recogonize the fact. In my opinion office work is the easiest part. The work done at home is like a roller coaster ride. Never know what to expect and it is a lot tougher.

Kodi's Mom said...

because, sadly, sometimes a $ amt is what it takes for some to understand the value of a mom. how many full-time moms are truly appreciated for what they do? the heated debate on working for a living versus being a homemaker is partly because the latter is not glorified, does not build your resume and does not come with a tangible benefit package. I think the intent of the article was to attempt to change perceptions, that is all.

That said, I think it would have been more worthwhile had they donated the money spent researching this to some battered moms' association!

Sandeepa said...

Asha, Indo, Kodi's Mom

Agree that a $amt does add some value to the fact. But do you think seriously people care ? This article with a little lesser amount was their last year too and year before that. Do people even remember ?

We did joke about it the last two years and that was that. Tell me truthfully does anyone believe in this ? It's like one more article around Mother's Day

You are worth much more than that. Ask a child who has lost a mother what a mother's worth is.

Kodi's Mom said...

Sandeepa: no, people do not care. which is why I added that it would have been more fruitful to donate that amt to charity.
but publishing such things creates debate/readership/sensationalism - all the things CNN cares about!

trupti said...

This article though absurd in real life...is a sort of a wakeup call for those who do not appreciate the stay at home moms.....believe me there are many men out there who think a stay at home mom is an excuse to watch soaps and such.....this article would be a good one for them to look at. Thankfully, My husband isn't one of them!
I'll gladly forward this to my brothers in law and certain friends.


Saheli said...

Only $140,000/yr...
(Sorry, I had to say that)
I think CNN wanted the people to know the $-worth "work" a mom does around the house I don't think they meant for being a stay-at-home mom.
If you look at the work that she does like cooking, cleaning, teaching the kids, taking care of them, etc., all these chores are also done by people who do it for a living(money).
Its good to know that its being appreciated and in terms of money is a lot easier for most people.