Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Chintu has come down with a runny nose (like he does once in 3 months :) ). I give him slightly warm milk, bread soaked in milk and such things...but I would like to get suggestions on what to feed a 16 month old with a blocked nose ?


Kodi's Mom said...

I'd say as much fluids as possible, warm water, thin soups, if he's upto it, I'd try rice kanji or 'mushily' cooked rice soaked in lots of rasam, with as much spice as he's used to. there's not too many toddler foods that can offer relief!

rads said...

My experience says that when there's a viral going on - as in common cold or runny/blocked nose, cut the milk and milk products out. Milk has a protein in it that allows phlegm to form, and if you remove that from the diet - infection clears quickly.

I've tried it on all my kids at various stages, and it's worked like a charm. All the time. If you have to give milk, water it down.

Roopa said...

i give my son rice porridge with salt. This is the only comfort he gets during those days i get down or dilute the milk.

Asha said...

Rava porridge and warm milk would be great.Sorry that he is down with such frequent cold.There is nothing much you can do but cope with it.Hugs to you:))

Dee said...

Thanks moms..
Kodi's mom - I'll try the rice kanji today . He likes rasam but fow now he hates the site of rice..which is understandable ..

Rads - thanks for the tip!..the problem with Chintu is he adores milk and when all else fails, that is my only savior...I'll water it down as you suggested..

roopa - I'm going to try that today :)

asha - yep..the culprit for his frequent colds is me!..I get it from somebody in the office and pass it on to him :(..lousy I know...but should find ways to escape from virus carrying colleagues :)