Thursday, May 3, 2007

From One Mother To Another...

...Here's a big hello and how-do-you-do! This is Kodi's Mom and I brag, I mean, blog about my son over at Kodimeow Kronicles. Some of you food bloggers may have also met my alter - @ - from the much neglected Yum Yum Mum Mum. I signed on to DesiMomzClub a few days after it was incorporated but just now found the right time and topic to start off.

Asha and Sandeepa have been arm twisting us to post something 'mothery' to honor Mother's Day. To get them off my back and because today is a Thursday in May, I thought I should post my take on motherhood right along with my intro..

[Warning: Keep Kleenex box handy. Either to sniffle in or to throw at the screen.]

Motherhood is...

..watching the world go by from 33 inches of height, through innocent eyes and a guiltless heart.

..learning to laugh, instead of yell, when your toddler empties a large box of dry beans on the floor and throws some on himself.

..crying over spilt milk. Breast milk. Pumped breast milk.

..discussing with your mom over an international phone call, the smell, color, texture and other such intricacies of your baby's poop. You know, just to make sure it is normal and all.

..making a milestone out of a mole. And then blogging about it.

..melting like candle, as a playful, loving father emerges out of your no-nonsense husband.

..when you wake up on day 3 and realize in horror that this is not a job that you can walk away from, or a project that you can hand off or a hobby that you can leave incomplete. It is a lifetime responsibility.

..believing that every wiggle and facial movement of your newborn is a Kodak moment.

..realizing later that even the best of Kodaks can never capture the essence of such moments the way your heart does.

..looking at your parents with renewed reverance; and wondering how on earth they raised THREE little monsters into human beings, while you're struggling with just one.

..about keeping promises. Whether it is 'As soon as I finish cooking, I will take you out' OR 'If you tear that book one more time, no more reading today'.

..about realizing that parenting is like a religion...there may be a 100 different ways to it, but the end goal is the same.

..when you change your opinion about Mother's Day. Of course, it is no longer just another Hallmark gimmick, and of course, you're expecting a celebration. After all, you now understand what it means to be a Mother.

Happy Mother's Day, comrades!


Saheli said...

Welcome @ aka Kodi's mom!
Happy Mother's day to you too.
You have put a mother's emotions in such a wonderful way. I still remember 'crying over spilt pumped breast milk'. Thanks for the laughs!

Praba said...

Welcome Kodi's Mom! Now that's a Klassic - what I call a quintessential @ style post!

Lovely, lovely! Enjoyed every bit of it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sandeepa said...

Ha ha @. Twist, Twist..We want SOME MORE GEMS FROM YOU :)

Asha said...

Okay!!! So Kodi's mom is @!!!!!!Aha!!

Ok I am off your back and I am sniffing! NO! It's allergy girl!!;D

That was a hilarious list.My girl threw a whole box wheat flour over her head and all over the kitchen when she 2yrs old.I did laugh(usually flip) and took a photo!

Have a great Mother's day.Hugs:)

swapna said...

welcome to dmc..
happy mother's day to u too.
What a lovely elaboration about motherhood.really a heart touching narration.thanks for these wonderful words.

Dee said...

very good piece..I enjoyed reading it and had a smile all thru :)

Tharini said...

Wow @!! That's just gorgeous. Motherhood IS a religion. Goosubumpy read!

Gabdu's Mommy said...

Wonderful post !!! Crying over spilt milk - breast milk ,pumped milk ! Wow !! So true and waking up and realising you cannot pass the buck to anyone else like in a project ! Making a milestone out of a mole :-))) Too good

mommyof2 said...

great post:-)

"realizing later that even the best of Kodaks can never capture the essence of such moments the way your heart does." so true:-)

Sandeepa said...

Hey @ your sayings were so "quote worthy" would you mind if I save them on my private folders ?

Kodi's Mom said...

All: thanks for the warm welcome, and for resonating with my 'mommyful' thoughts! I knew you guys would understand :)

Sandeepa: now, that's flattering, and why would I say no! sure, go ahead!

Orchid said... wait Kodi's mom....that was awesome and i didn't expect any less from you:) and kept nodding my head down the list :)

happy mom's day to you too!

noon said...

Hi @, Read your comment on my blog site late last night. Just read this post on motherhood after I posted a long one after a long long time. Nice post and so true...enjoyed it. Happy Mom's day to you!

mummyjaan said...

Hi Kodi's mom. I am commenting rather late here....just read this today and it is *perfect*. I did not use the box of tissues. I laughed at some of the things you said, smiled at some, and agreed with it all.

Sheela said...

am just catching up here at DMC - beautiful post capturing the wonderful things of modern mommyhood - esp., pumped breastmilk outweighing gold, and the fact that Kodak can't capture the way mommy's heart feels at those moments... you wrote it all so incredibly well!