Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Mothers Day Amma!!

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"

- Abraham Lincoln quotes

Every mom is a super mom. My mom was there for me and my sis all the times. All that we are today is because of her. She is everything for us.

There are so many things to tell about her and to write, she is the best in everything and a role model for us. She is a wonderful writer (many of her articles and stories are published in magazines), also she writes articles for Bakthi Magazine (Devotional articles) an artist her paintings and sketches mesmerize us. My sis stored all them carefully. God has gifted her beautiful voice and she sang for AIR few times. She is soft spoken person and never hurts anyone. I have so many things to write about her but all that I can say is “MOM” you rock. She wrote lullabies for my lil one for cradle ceremony and poem on him.

"Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's".

Picture courtesy from Hallmark


Asha said...

Great tribute to your mom Shivapriya.It's so wonderful to read about moms doing a great job raising their kids:))
You didn't allow comments when you posted this.I did change,hope that's ok!Enjoy the Mother's day.

swapna said...

Hi Padmaja
With a little intro to ur mother u have described a lot ..great job!!!
Want to know about the poem.
happy mother's day to u and ur mother!!

God's Little Angel said...

Happy Mother's Day...! ! to All here

I'm a new 5months old mom too...can I join in here. Have a great month...Momz!

Sandeepa said...

Hi Shivapriya
Very sweet post. A happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom and a very Happy B'Day to your little one on Mother's Day

Shivapriya said...

Thanks Asha,
Sorry for the trouble. :)
Happy Mothers day and thanks for advance wishes for the lil one.

I think I have it online I will look and post it in my blog sometime swapna. Happy mothers day you. Sorry I could call u back as he got up.

Thanks Sandeepa for the wishes and happy mothers day to you.