Friday, May 11, 2007

Help : Cough & Cold Remedies

Hi Everbody,
Thank you very much for the welcome messages.Shyam isn't feeling too well for past 2 days..Cough & cold is bothering him too appetite and is almost living on "MILO PAL", (chocolate horlicks with milk).I did try giving him cold medicines, but they make him drowsy and he is getting even more crankier, troubling my amma !!!
Atleast today is Friday, I will be able to take care of him once I get back.Please can you suggest any good remedies that will help to calm & pacify him.

Thanks !


Kodi's Mom said...

Shweta, sorry to hear abt your 2yo's cold. mine recently got out of one, so i know what you're going through. the OTC medications are no good, and i give tylenol only if he has fever. if you have already confirmed with the doctor that it is not a bacterial/ear infection, just let him ride this one out. don't push food - white bread soaked in milk, thin soups, light crackers and lots of warm water might be easy on the throat. a few drops of salt water in the nostrils offers relief from nasal congestion. also milk well boiled with turmeric and black peppers is very effective for coughs. hope he gets better soon..!

trupti said...

Sorry to hear about your little one....can he tolerate Vicks? A warm bath, and a good old rubdown with this on the chest, neck and head will also make him feel a funny movie with him to take his mind off being sick-that is, if he isn't drowsy,and warm tomato soup and Khichadi or a mild pulao can also make him feel better...

Hope he gets well soon...

Saheli said...

Hi Shweta,
This shall pass too :)
I usually cut down on milk when my kids have cold/cough (my MIL said it creates more cough). I give them orange juice or lemonade. Also just before bedtime, just a lick of honey and ginger juice mixed together. I also warm a small towel on the tava and put on their chest and back.
Hope he feels better.

Sandeepa said...


Hope the little one gets better soon. I think every mom has a "remedy" that runs in the family :)
Mine is honey, if possible a brew of tulsi leaves, with palm candy, elaichi. The other thing we do to give a bit of relief to congestion is massaging warm oil(we being bengali use mustard oil ) on the chest.
The saline water should help with the nose. But cold takes it own sweet time, don't worry about the appetite too much.

shweta said...

Thank you so much for the all the remedies.Shyam loves vicks..even if he doesn't have cold !!!so all we did this weekend was lots of vicks and lazying around on the couch and watched CARS movie..we have watched it so far for about 100 times I think !! he is crazy about the charatcers in the movie.I also gave him tomato soup tried to cut on the milk but it wasn't fruitful !!!He is feeling much better now..the only problem now is that his father has the cold, and managing him with cold is far worse than managing shyam...!!