Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How do you get it all DONE?

I have been a mom for a mere 13 months and its exhausting! I am currently a stay at home mom to twins and I am finding that if I excel in one aspect of life one week, something else gets neglected. I feel like I am in a constant battle of trying to get it all done. I have already resolved that I cannot keep the house as neat and tidy as when I didn't have kids and I would rather play with the kids than fold 4 loads of laundry in one day but what I would love to hear from other moms here is what is your secret to having a somewhat sane life managing home and possibly work if you work outside the home? Do you have a routine for cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry that you want to share? Do you have short cuts for getting your errands and chores done around the house? Do you have some favorite websites or organizers that help you get through your week more efficiently? I will be happy to compile your responses back into this post. Do share. I need new ideas to live more efficiently and do more!

Edited: I thought I would add this based on the current comments - My husband helps me a ton, he comes home by 5:30 even though he has a software job to help me with bed time for our kids. He watches them on the weekends for hours on end so I can run errands, groceries, so on. We also have a gardener to do mowing and weeding and we have a housecleaner every 2 weeks to help. Starting this week my husband is watching the twins in the morning before he goes to work so I can work out at 6 a.m.

I love the feedback I already received would love to hear more about "things" people do that are shortcuts. I guess I want more personal time with family on the weekend than just doing chores and like suggestions for other ideas. Thanks to all for sharing!


Dee said...

ajwjHi Archana,
We have 'outsourced' lawn mowing for one. Not that I was doing it, but it gives my husband one less thing to do , so he can help me with other important things. Push groceries to your husband. Make him a list and ask him to get those things if he is not sure what to get. Also I've heard is a good place to grocery shop. With 2 kids I know there must be a lotta laundry to do. Engage your kids in the laundry room and fold the dried clothes when you watch tv or listen to music after the little ones sleep...
My SIL has quads and these are the things she does. She also hires help in the mornings , so she can do whatever she wants and takes care of the kids from noon onwards. She lets the husband take charge after bath , bedtime routine etc...I'm not saying she is sane at the end of each day...but she is much less stressed for a person with 4 toddlers :)
Hope this helps..

Dee said...

ooops the 'ajwj' was from that security code! ..

Kodi's Mom said...

I've heard has helped many. the trick, accdng to flylady, is to tackle one task area a week and keep at it. They send out wkly newsletters with a gazillion tips to get organized. see if it is for you!

Asha said...

Hi Archana,reading about your twins brings back memories of my own when I had two young ones.I have always been very organized person,so it was not that bad for me.Dee and KM seem to have great ideas.
You have got to get the husband to contribute little more than usual with the twins like taking care of them while you do chores quickly.Multitasking is essential part of rising kids.
Good luck A! Hope other mom's suggestions work for you.Hugs:))

Sogno said...

You are doing everything right! It is very good that your husband is helping you out. I worked full-time after my son was born for 2 years and I couldnt have done anything without my hubby's help. The thing I hated the most was LAUNDRY!! I used to fold the clothes at night after E fell asleep and while watching TV. Also in all this, dont forget to catch a few moments of unwinding time...even if that means sneaking out for a walk for 10 mins by yourself at night...once they grow up a little more, life will be easier..good luck :-)

Reena said...

archana, you are doing great so far and good to know that you have help. i see that you already got some good tips. here's my take:

multittasking becomes important after having babies. with twins it is more work for you but being on a schedule would help you. i was organized before and continued to be like that after having my daughter. so it is not tough.

1. put clothes for washing and drying and let your husband fold it at night.
2. weekly once or twice, hire a babysitter for an hour in the morning and be done with the grocery or ask your husband to pick it up while returning from work.
3. if bedtime routine is taken care by husband then you can finish all the chores like folding clothes, cutting veggies for next day, cleaning etc.
4. mark a play area or a room for tots so rest of the house will still remain clean.

Saheli said...

First, I would suggest that you let go a bit. I mean, don't get upset if the house is not clean or neat or if the laundry is not folded. I used to be that and it used to stress me a lot and I used to get tired by the mental stress itself and mostly it came out on my husband. I am also fortunate that he helps a lot around the house. Well, I 'm going to stop rambling and tell you some shortcuts that I do.
I make tuvar dal a lot(plain dal/sambar etc.,) so, on weekends I boil it in bulk and store in different containers in the freezer and use them as needed during weekdays. I also keep frozen vegs available like beans, karela, broccoli and guvar for days when I don't have time to chop. I also keep the 'instant" items ready like idli mix, dosa mix, dokhla mix.
Also, I always go with a list for grocery shopping and never ever go empty stomach[or half the items in the store somehow make their way to my house:)]
Well, I don't like my husband to feel left out, so I give him the honor of doing the dishes and the laundry ;P
Hope this helps and have fun with little ones.

shweta said...

Hi Archana,
You are doing great.Everybody has given lot of good tips.I will give you an insight to our routine as well.We always our grocery shopping -american/indian/ everything on thursday !!! I usually come back by 4.30 and the entire family goes on the trip..!! we pick up pizza on the go as a snack..!!SO even if we do run out of something unless it is very essential we just put it on list for thursdays !!
Similary cleaning the entire house (Both myself & my husband are clean freaks !!)& laundry are done only on fridays.I do laundry and my husband sweeps /mops/wipes !!! He loves it .It's his share of workout for the week !!
With toddler & dog at home, we need to clean up every day..just quick sweep at the end of the day should be enough !!Try to make it routine to pile up toys everynight along with ur twins..slowly they will learn takes patience but they will certainly learn it !!
Earlier, my son used to start crying if we cleaned as he knew his play time is over..but now he has started to understand that he need to clean up and keep just few of his favourite cars for the bedtime play !!
also as saheli suggested keeping fozen veggies & mixes help a lot.Yes it is tiring at the end of the day..but postponing the work doesn't make it any better either !!
Hope it helps !

SJ said...
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SJ said...

Hi Archana, hang on in there. it just gets easier as they get older.
Like Saheli, I also suggest freezing. Most of my time seemed to be spent in the kitchen, so now some items I cook in bulk and freeze. Daals, chole, rajma, chicken dishes, matar paneer, etc all are very freezer friendly. Just keep in mind, once it comes out of the freezer it should be finished the same day. Palak paneer, cook a lot of the palak base, divide into 3 parts and freeze 2. Next time take out one part, add some fresh seasonings, throw in fresh paneer and you are good to go.
Also see Vee's tip here:

Archana said...

Hi Everyone!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! These are great tips. I will compile and repost back to my original post soon.

Appreciate all the tips and suggestions.

Anything to make it a bit easier is useful.


QuantumJourno said...

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