Friday, May 11, 2007

How to become a member?

Sandeepa asked me to write about the membership process since I recently became a member. She says that some wannabe members claim that they have not received their invitation. Let me run through what happened to me. I wrote an email to Sandeepa about wanting to become a member. To which she responded with an email that looked like this:

Welcome to Desi Momz Club
To sign up:
You will receive an automatic Google generated email message. Click on the invitation and follow the instructions. You will be asked to sign in with your Google/Gmail/Blogger id. Login. That's it! You will be able to post on Desi Momz Club. Comments are open to all but only members can start a topic for discussion.
I will add you to the list of members during my next administration update. Please don't worry, it might take up some time as I am busy too.

Couple of days later, I got an invite that looked like this:

The Blogger user Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) has invited you to contribute to the private blog: Desi Momz Club.

To contribute to this blog, visit:

You'll need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you don't have a Google Account yet, we'll show you how to get one in minutes.

If you are already a Blogger user, please note that this blog uses the new version of Blogger. To post to Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub)'s blog, you will access this new version with a Google account, instead of your Blogger account.

After you click on the link, you get to add posts to this blog. I hope I explained the process properly, other members please feel free to correct me. Another thing to check for is your spam filter settings, Sandeepa's automatic invitation might have been blocked. Google is a bit notorious that way... Hope this helps !


Asha said...

Great info for new members!:))

Kodi's Mom said...

it would also help to have the blog's email address to request an invite from.

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Poppins Mom

Archana said...

Hi all,
I got Sandeepa's first email but not the second?

Can you resend please?


Sandeepa said...

Archana, Blogger shows it sent you an invite !! I will do it again today, don't know why Blogger messed up.

shweta said...

Hi Archana,
Same thing happened with me as well.Sandeepa had to resend the invite to me.

Archana said...

Hi Sandeepa

I still didnt get the invite and I checked my junk mail too..

argg.. i will send you my gmail id as well maybe its a hotmail thing..


Archana said...

Hi I would like to become member too. I am mother of two boys and I would love to be part of this club. I would love to receive an invite from you. Thank you

Dezzzir.. said...

I also wanted to join the club and sent an email.But haven't received any responses.
What should I do??

Divs said...

I am new to blogging myself and have just started browsing these mommy blogs. I have found some great blogs through this new journey and would like to become a member of DMC as well. Pls lemme know which email id to send the mail to...

Divs said...

I sent a request to join the club via email a few days ago...haven't yet received the invite.

Sindhu said...
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Sindhu said...

Sandeepa, I'd like to join the club.. not sure where to start. Please guide. My blog is at


Primitive Lyric said...

I'm the mommy of an 8-month old baby boy. I'd like to be part of this club too. Please send me an invite?

Armina said...

Me too.. please send me an invite at
Thanks :)

Sree said...

While browsing through mommy's blogs i came through this wonderful blog.The posts are very informative.I sent a mail to sandeepa but did n't get an invite.Please send me an invite so that i can join this gr8 community.

SGD said...

Hi! I sent a request to the mail id twice.
However for some reason, the mails bounced back on both ocassions.
Please let me know if there is an alternate mail id where I could send my request for membership

Nithya said...

HI Sandeepa

I would like to join the blog too. Can you send me an invite too?

Vid said...

I would like to be a member of this club too! (

34 and not counting- reflections said...

Hi Sandeepa,

I've sent a request for membership twice, but am still waiting for a response. The first was sent on 23.5.11 and the second one was sent yesterday at the following address:
i have checked my spam too.
I would love to get an invite from you.


AAD said...

Hello, I would like to join this blog network, and am confused on how to recieve the email with the instructions to sign up. my blog url is
Please let me know how to become a member.