Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mother's Bond is Special...

My Mom
'Mom' the word is enough to invoke happiness. I was always close to my mom, I don't have sisters nor do I have cousin sisters my age, so my mom was also my friend. She gave me the courage to pursue and explore what I wanted. One thing that is a constant in my life is I know she will always be there for me. This thought is enough to sustain me through some trying times (real or imagined).

Now I look at my relationship with my daughters and hope they will feel the same way as I do. Here is an incident that gives me strong hope that it will be that way....

Me as a Mom
Reading posts by Saraswathi, Tharini and comment by Asha I am literally on the side of the fence your moms are meaning my daughter is very close to her dad. I can assure you that does not make me feel bad or sad it is special to watch that kind of bond from up close. From the moment she was born, he was the first one to hold her (see I had a C-Section) so it took me a full half-day before I could get anywhere near her (I started with a kind of disadvantage in the competition just kidding...), even from month one, when he came home from work he got a special smile from her. She shared and still does share her inner most thoughts with him. (His advice to me you should stop talking to make her talk to you!) On a whim they would grab their sleeping bags to go watch stars laying in the backyard. Tucking her in bed, Bed time stories were all things he does. They seem to be dancing to the same music. He is a lot more patient than I ever will be. Even when he is absolutely busy he finds time to play and spend time with her.

On the other hand me and her always have arguments for some strange reason we never seem eye to eye. Even simple things like choosing a short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt is a war in itself.

Anyway it is not Father's Day why am I singing Dad' praises? So one day I had to go on a trip to the West Coast for a week. My thoughts were the oldest will be fine, she is daddy's girl anyway and probably would be happy to get me of her case for a few days and I was worried about the younger one who still needed me. The first morning I get a phone call from dear daughter saying good morning and how much she missed me. It was about 4.30AM and did not give it much thought. The five days I was there I always got a wakeup call from DD.

I came home and was surprised to hear from Daddy dearest that every morning she got up she had tears in her eyes reciting how much she missed our morning routine of getting ready, eating breakfast and the other minute things I never pay attention to and she remembered and missed them and the phone calls were what made her happy. I was even more surprised to hear same thing from her friend's mom who said she had tears in her eyes when she left for school saying she missed MOM.

The warm fuzzy feeling that spread through me is hard to put into words. As for daddy dearest I thing he was kind of surprised by the whole thing but he won't openly admit it.

The bond that a child shares with MOM is always SPECIAL. You may never see eye to eye, the relationship is rocky and hard but that bond will be there no matter what and it is STRONG.

Happy Mother's Day Everybody!


Dee said...

that was a very sweet anecdote :). I think daughters share their secrets and feelings with moms as they grow older..and that matters a lot..

mcewen said...

Yes, there can be a rocky patch or two, but hopefully by the time they are real adults you then have another life time ahead of you to enjoy together.
Best wishes

Asha said...

That was a touching note Indo:)
Girls do usually show affection towards dads openly but they do care about moms.As long as you are in front of them,they may not show it but they miss you like anything when you are not there!:)
Unfortunately (for me),some mothers stick to their guns and never let in.It becomes a tug of war and sometimes you just give up,wish them well and move on.Dads are easy to talk to,rationalize and yes,I did share my secrets with dad more than with my mother!Strange but true!
Both my kids are mommy's kids,love me and tell me so too everyday,American style with kiss and all, which is far far away from what I had with my own mother to this day!!;p
Happy Mother's day to you.I can't wait for next Sunday!:))

Sandeepa said...

That was so sweet of DD. From all your posts I feel she is very soft and kind hearted
I have been more close to my Mom and now my daughter is more close to me at least at 3 she is. Sometimes D gets jealous and to pacify both she will tell me "I am your best friend and also Baba's best friend" :)

chidananda M R said...

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swapna said...

even my daughter is also a daddy's daughter.I used to feel jkealous of that.But now she is fine with me also.she cries for me too...
ur's post is very touching one..
happy mother's day to u too.

Roopa said...

Indo it is really very touching.Yeah girls do share a special bond with moms but will never express unless need comes. Same thing happened with me too though she never cried but would call up daily amma this and that but even she is more closer to dad than me.

indosungod said...

Thanks all.

Shivapriya said...

Mom and daughters always share a special bond. So sweet of her.

mommyof2 said...

awwww.. so sweet:-)

Meera's Blog said...
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Meera's Blog said...

what a sweet almost made me cry.
i was always a dad's i think i share a special relation with my mother than any of my sisters:)
with my son,bed time tucking is done by his dad but he waits till i come to give him a hug and kiss:)and i dont get jeolous when he asks me-plss let me and dad go alone to watch a movie!!

Kay said...

IGS! Being a dad's girl, who cried 'Appa.....appa' when I was angry with my mom, when I was a kid, I can assure you, Mom is always 'way too special' than Dad.