Friday, May 4, 2007

My Mother...

I have not come across a more noble person than my mom. She is someone who never speaks bad of any person, even someone who she knows has been not too kind about her. She finds something positive about everyone & concentrates on that. It leaves me in awe how someone in this day and age could be not affected by all the negativity and unpleasantness that surrounds us and still manages to maintain serenity and inner peace.

She has been a homemaker and has not had the opportunity to work outside of home, even though she has a Bachelor's degree. I wish she had though, as it would have done wonders to her self-confidence. For purely selfish reasons, as a young kid I was glad that she did not go to work. She was always there when we came home from school, keeping a snack ready for us to eat. Since my school was two streets away from home, I used to come home for lunch too and therefore had fresh home made food at every meal time. She has been socially active though, being a member of various community clubs. She was also in the Governing Council of a college and has kept herself busy with various activities. She is always there when anyone needs advice or help. In fact, even after I moved out of the house, my friends would come over just to talk to her.

She is practical, sensible and has a purity of heart unmatched by anyone I personally know. She can sew, knit, crochet and cooks like a dream! In short, she is Super Mom and I could not be prouder!

Who taught my infant lips to pray,
To love God's holy word and day,
And walk in wisdom's pleasant way?
My Mother.

And can I ever cease to be
Affectionate and kind to thee
Who wast so very kind to me-
My Mother
(Excerpts from "My Mother", a beautiful poem by Jane Taylor)


Asha said...

Yoor mom sounds wonderful Vani.It's great to read that and share your feelings.Hugs to you and M!It's her first Mother's day!!:)

Hey,who says we don't have self-confidence just bcos we choose to stay home?!I have got plenty!;D
CNN says I (home makers) should paid about $138000/year for all the things I do at home and for kids!Where is my money?!:D
Beautiful poem there in the end.Enjoy the week and the next week.Happy Mother's day to you.

Vani said...

Asha- yeah, M's first Mother's day! Hmm.. I wonder what she will do! :)

Reg self-confidence- this is about my mother, remember? Not about stay-at-home moms in general. I honestly think stay at home moms should get more than 138K! :)

Hope u have a great mother's day, Ash! I'm sure your wonderful kids have something special in store for you! Happy Mom's day!

Asha said...

Vani,working mom's get $85000 on top of $138000 acc to CNN!! They work at home and outside,don't they? Bummer we don't get paid!
Your mom is lucky to have a daughter like you:)
Yup! Special plans as usual!A Sunday brunch and kids get me something with their allowance!Can't wait:)

swapna said...

Hi vani
happy mother's day to u and to ur mother also!!

Sandeepa said...

This would be your first Mother's day, yeehhh !!! So 3 generations wishing each other :)

Your Mom sounds wonderful. My Mom was at home too but I was always relieved that she was at home because coming home from school it was a big satisfaction, re-asurance, whatever to see her there. She also played a major role in my studies etc., I would say more than my Dad as he being busy did not have so much time. My Mom did a lot of running around including the last minute stationery buying thing to making a fresh lunch or getting me hooked to the wonderful world of Bengali fiction.
I really feel guilty that I am not able to do as much for my daughter as she did for me.

Roopa said...

wow thats very wonderfull vani!

You are a lucky girl so was i too! i was always assured as i open the gate coming from school my mom was at the door recieving with a elegant smile :). i really feel sad i can't do the same for my kids so i try to leave her atleast in the mornings i can feel assurance through her expressions.