Monday, May 14, 2007

New mom on the block!

Hello to all the momz of DMC and a very happy mother's day to you all!

A few quick words about me, living in Bangkok, under the tiny thumb of my 13 month old daughter, fondly referred to as Moppet, whose daily exploits can be found at my blog called - what else! - Moppet Tales

And what do I do when I'm not kowtowing to Her Little Highness, or polluting the blogosphere with extravagant punctuation?

Nothing much, really. A former corporate type, who gave it all up to become a flunk to a different and far more demanding little boss, I am currently enjoying the luxuries (?!) of stay-at-home motherhood. Now of course, I will be adding 'spending time at the Club' to my list of daily activities : -)


Poppins said...

Join the club ! Welcome !

Asha said...

Welcome M's mom!! It is Luxury to stay home which is not available for every mom unfortunately,no question about it:))
Enjoy the new boss and hope you don't let her boss you when she grows up a little.Then YOU have got to be the boss or else she will eat you up ALIVE!!!:O

Kodi's Mom said...

welcome aboard! look forward to read more of your lively writing here :)

swapna said...

hi moppet's mom
welcome to DMC.
happy mother's day to u too.

Moppet's Mom said...

Thankee, ladies! Looking forward to hangin' out here :-)

Sogno said...

Hello there! You seem to be the newest mom on the block...How do you become a member?

Moppet's Mom said...

Sogno, you need to write to the blog administrator, Sandeepa for an invite.

There is also a post by poppins on how to become a member. Do check it out:

Sogno said...

Thank you Moppet's mom for the info...will do that right away!