Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today I realized how Ive lost track of time after Ive started full-time work again. For the past few summers, Ive prided myself in being home with the kids and summers have always been organized and perfect. At least that's what I think. The kids would rather sleep through brunch and feast on junk all afternoon, but I kept them on their toes half the time with some crazy summer camp schedule.

As organized as I am [or thought i was] I'd made a note of all the good [and quickly filling] camps around the area, created reminders for the start of registration at my home computer and armed myself with all paperwork necessary in a binder.

You'd think with such precision I'd put the staff secretary at the White Hosue to shame, but no, right there I made a huge mistake. How good is a home computer when you don't use it?! I don't pour over it anymore checking mails, doing my documents, or browsing happy sites or shopping online . All those exciting tasks have now been shifted to the system at work. So yes, whats the point in having a reminder when it's blinking away to glory, and no one notices it?

And thats the short version of how I missed all deadlines.

Ive been kicking myself ever since I realized over the weekend, that I may for all you know be booted out of the 2 main camps that I so badly want my tweens to go. Not just coz it's good for them, but it would solve my anxiety on leaving them alone at home while I schlep myself off 20 miles to 'work' !

As if I am not miserable enough, one nice mom calls me up to say " so did you get the confirmation yet? I got mine last evening. Boy, they get filled so quickly don't they? Hope you get yours, you sent it only on Friday. Maybe in the next couple of days. Hopefully. "

Sure. I feel like a complete bumpkin now.


Asha said...

Ah..!!! The joys of motherhood!!!Why do all these alone? Where is the hubby dear?
Hope your kids get in.IT will ease your if they are there.My son went to one camp and he doesn't want to go back there this summer.I stay home full time,so it's okay I guess.
Good luck Rads!:))

rads said...

oh no, Husband's doing his bit to help, but usually they follow 'orders' right? It's not like they keep track of stuff :)

Poppins said...

I am so darn badly orgaized that sort of thing is normal for me ! :)