Thursday, May 3, 2007

To dear Mother(amma)

i don't know how to start this....

Amma means a lot to the kid."She" is the only one that makes a kid grow like a person(whatever he/she).If "she" is not there no body is there.This is a wonderful gift of god to us ladies.The "MOTHERHOOD". such a lovely word ..amma,ma,mother ,mom what ever it is..

In telugu some people say"devudu prati chota vundaleka ammanu srustinchadu" which means "God has created mother as he can't stay in every place"..

Now coming to my mother........

She is a mother for us 3 kids.I wonder how she managed us 3 while going to job..
She is very caring mother.Somehow at that age we can't understand.She used to put some strict rules to us like "study hard,get up early,eat good food etc...."then i used to think this is not good.I used to shout at her .She never said hard words and answered me calmly.But now when i am telling these to my daughter i am feeling very bad by remembering my childhood days..:-)

She given a wonderful life to me.She struggled like a mother and a father also for us 3 to settle us in our life..She never thought for herself .

When i am pregnant she taken 6 moths continuous leave for her job and taken good care of me.I undergone a very major operations while delivery.She has taken care of my daughter and her daughter(me) a way that i am also a small baby at that time. She did everything to me..If she is not there i would not be here to share my experience.:-((((

I haven't shown my responsibility towards her in any way till now..i am very sorry for that.Any way she is a mother and she understands it very well and shows her love affection to me with her lovely and caring words.
Thanku AMMA for giving me birth and raising me to this position in my life.

Happy Mothar's day to u my dear mother....

Happy Mother's Day all of u my dear friends..


Asha said...

Aw..!! That was wonderful and very touching tribute Swapna.
I am VERY VERY glad you are here and well now.Hugs to you and your mom.Happy Mother's day to you too and thank you:))

Sandeepa said...

Like your Telegu saying I think there is one in Sanskrit too
Your emotions were so true and I liked that blossom of roses
Hugs to you, your daughter and your Mom :)

swapna said...

Hi ashaji and sandeepa
thanku very much