Monday, May 21, 2007

Working Moms blamed for Obesity?

Should they be? Or is it the society at Large? Or the quick availability of Fast Food, Junk Food, Prepared Food?

Interesting Blog Article Working moms cause childhood obesity from Julie's Health Club

The debate contiues...

Disclaimer: I am a working mom too and no agendas involved, just thought it was interesting topic to discuss


Dee said...

How I wish it were true...Chintu is consistently below charts and I wish he puts on weight ;)...just kidding! ..This is an article more based on generalization. It is the habbit that the individual parent(s) inculcate(s) in their kids that makes them eat junk or not. So far my son has been great with veggies and fruits and all things healthy (touchwood), and I believe laying a good foundation is the firt step. Yes, I am lazy and tired at the end of a hard day, but for no reason will I show it on what my kid or my family the end of the day is'nt having a healthy and happy life all that matters ? :)

Asha said...

Hi Indo,good question.Trisha is plump and Tushar is skinny and they eat the same food!! Blame me for Tushar(I stay home) and blame Arvind for Trisha(he works full time!):p
Nah,nothing to do with work or no work(?!) moms,just genetics and sometimes convenient food like frozen,junk etc.I make frozen food sometimes when I am overworked at home too!

swapna said...

I think it is not correct.As ashaji said genetics will cause the body conditions.Don't worry ..My sis is a working women.her 2 boys are normal in size.they are not fat.

Moppet's Mom said...

It's a silly generalisation, really.
At the end of the day, working or not, mom or dad, all that matters is that you set a healthy example yourself in matters of food and exercise, and limit the junk food.

Saheli said...

I'm a working mom(parttime) and both my kids son(9yr) and daughter(4yr) are in their 50 percentile in weight.
They both eat lunch at their schools. But for dinner I dare not order pizza or any other american food. They both want "roti, daal-bhaath and shaak"...

I don't believe it has to do anything with whether I am working outside the house or not. That theory is very wrong. The kids should have a limit on how much time they spend watching TV or video games. Physical activity is a must, its understandable during winter, when its hard for both the kids and parents.

Did you guys see the comments at 'Julie's health club'? It was kind of a war between the SAHM(stay-at-home-mom) and WOHM(work-outside-the home-mom). I have been both in my 9yrs of motherhood and everybody knows the pros and cons of each side. But, blaming the mom for Obesity is just ridiculous.

indosungod said...

Dee, Asha, Swapna, Moppet's Mom, Saheli. Thanks for your comments. I do agree with all of you. WOHM or SAHM has nothing to do with Obesity. It is the lifestyle. Sedantary == Obesity.

Explosive headlines like the one here is a ploy for magazines and newspapers to sell. Pitting Moms against each other has become a sure fire winner for them.

But the underlying discussion is one worth having about our lifestyle and eating habits.