Thursday, June 7, 2007

Birthday Story

First of all I apologize every one for not being active in the group. Last month I was busy with my son’s birthday and then guest and so on. Anyway Sandeepa asked me to write a column on birthday preparations long back, so finally here I’m with all the story and tips. My son turned 2 in May and we went with CARS theme as my son loves the movie and he knows each and every character in the movie.
How did we do?
We got birthday banner, caps and decorations related to cars theme and balloons
We ordered cake from Amphora Bakery (they make delicious cakes) again cars theme and got cars theme cake plates.
Goody Bags for kids
We got small paper bags from Michael’s (craft store), Cars tumblers, chocolates and cars lollipops. We filled each tumbler with chocolates and cars lollipops and wrapped with transparent bag and placed in the paper bag.
Return Gifts
Got return gifts according to age. Actually we wanted to stick with cars theme and we saw “Lighting Mc Queen” plates in Disney store and wanted to give them as return gifts unfortunately it was out of stock.

Party Menu
It was a dinner party so I made few at home with my families help and few we ordered. Here is the list of items we had at party
Appetizer: Onion pakoras
Entrées & Main course: Roti, Green Pulav, White rice, Dal Makhani, Mixed vegetable kurma, Ratia (onions, tomatoes & cucumber), Sambar, Dosa avakaya and Curd.
Desert: Jalebi & Cake
Soda’s & water. And after having all these dishes every one would love to have some Pan, so we served home made “Meeta Pan”. Pan was my atta's idea.
We ordered roties, mix curry & desert all other dishes were made by me and my cousin.

I will post the tips and more idea soon so till then Happy blogging.

Hey Tharini

For adults you can make samosa /tikki and char or pav bhaji. If you have extra help you can make pakora's . Both tikki and pav bhaji is easy to prepare and you a make in advance and you can order samosa.

For goodies you can check party stores, along with the theme they have cool stuff you can use like we did for "N". Check out the pictures.

For return gifts you can buy gifts cards from "chucky cheese" , B&N and Toys urs like Maha Vishnu suggested.

Hope this will help you.


Asha said...

WOW!!! You guys have had a great B'day! Goodies look great and food is even better!!Wish I was there!:)))
Thanks for posting,enjoyed it.

swapna susarla said...

hi padmaja
good to know about the party here.

Sandeepa said...
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Sandeepa said...

Your son is sure a Carzz fan :) Wonderful party you had. Loved the cake and the goody bags.

Did you arrange for any party games ?

When the party is at any kids place its fun for the kids but when I have the b'day party at home I am not sure what games to arrange for 2-5 year olds. Any ideas ?

Linda Ringwood said...

Happy Birthday to your son!A car theme for birthday is just cool.That was a yummy menu that you created!I was hoping to see the photos.I write on birthdays too and perhaps you'll love to check some of the interesting stuff that I've posted.Bye!

Shivapriya said...

Thanks Asha & swanpna

Yup Sandeepa he is a big cars fan... and a typical boy loves to play with balls, cars, trains and soo on:).

NO games except for 2-3 kids all others were below 3yrs. So we did not arrange for games, but we thought of inviting character but then as it was dinner party and more like a get-toghter we skipped the idea. I might do that for his next birthday.

Thanks Linda, I will check it.