Friday, June 15, 2007

Cake and Hi :)

Hi to all you lovely folks out there in Desi Momz Club, and thanks to Sandeepa and ISG for inviting me -- long ago, I admit, and I am late in coming -- not for lack of good intentions! :)

I'll just take a min. to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me. I'm Linda, age 42 (it's just a number, really!) -- resident of Massachusetts, lover of Michigan, cats, agates, cooking (particularly Indian cuisine and culture too) and proud and lucky mom to Michael, 18 (almost 19) and Meg (15). I have a food blog at Out Of The Garden.

My kids each have their issues -- Michael has Asperger's (form of autism) and Meg has juvenile (insulin-dependent) diabetes. Rather than go on and on about that, I would rather say they have both found their comfort zone in terms of handling their challenges, and I am extremely proud of them. I think having a disability has made them both better people -- they have more insight into reality than many of the "normal" adults I know ;)

Now having said that, here's a little cross-post about my guilty non-cake years. Lovely to meet you all and thanks for having me!



Following in the footsteps of fabulous cake decorators Shilpa, Archana, Hema and more, I took the plunge into cake-decorating class. Baking was never my strong suit; when my kids were small it made me keenly aware of my Jewish heritage (read: a guilt complex extraordinaire!). Growing up, my little M 'n Ms didn't know the meaning of mik-and-cookies. Cookie was a monster on Sesame Street and milk was a healthy drink that went with breakfast. They suffered through store-bought cookies or cake for class parties, and for birthdays, well -- the few times I tried cakes from mixes, they were a disaster. After a while I did manage to make cupcakes turn out ok (but not like these!) -- those were always panicked affairs iced with store-bought frosting and little finesse. Forget about gooey chocolatey goodness in marshmallow-covered brownies, fancy colored decorations on numberless Christmas cookies, and all that jazz. Yes, my kids were deprived and I feel it to this day. Thank God for their grandparents, or they'd never have had a sweet tooth at all ;) A few weeks ago my colleague decided to join a cake decorating class and asked for my company -- I agreed to go along. I was so thrilled with the outcome of my first project, I thought I'd share it. My daughter nearly fell over when she saw the cake come out of *our* oven. When she learned I was going to a class to decorate it, she asked for her *face* on the cake!!! Well, I am no da Vinci, so instead, she got her name. Not a particularly creative design, but it was conveniently portion-controlled... and I did manage to make a Cookie Monster smile on the sides.

Meg loved this 'cause she's a drama queen -- she loves her name in lights, even on a cake. Wasn't I proud when she wanted to take a piece to school and show it off to her friends -- a kid of her age. That made me smile inside and out -- not at my cake, but at my daughter's great big heart :)

And speaking of great big hearts and names in lights -- don't miss our own dear Trupti's exciting news. Congrats, Trupti! :)


Asha said...

Hey Hey!!Look who is here!!:))
Linda,you are my age girl!Hurray!Your son is 19 ,my oldest is 16,Great ,huh?:))
You kids are really brave and good hearted kids Linda and with a mom like you I am not surprised at all.I think you are a great gal.
About cake,good for you.Sometimes or most of time,we have to do something we don't like for others and you did that.Good for you.
There is nothing like in the World than having good children with big hearts and joy we feel for having them.Good wishes to both.
Welcome to DMC Linda.We are proud to have you even if you are not a Desi;D (you are a pukka desi in heart,I must say!)

Linda said...

Aw, Asha, thanks! You're a real sweetheart and you always make me smile. I knew we were around the same age; this was good opportunity to tell you mine ;) You know all about having great kids, I know! So many wonderful moms 'n kids around in these parts :) No kids here today, the big one got a summer job, hooray! Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to the kitchen ;)

Sandeepa said...

Hey Linda
Welcome to the Club !!! Its so good to see you here at last :)

Wow so you joined a baking class too. Thats great news. So what if the kids didn't have great cakes when they were little, they will have it now and remember for life time

Saheli said...

Welcome to DMC Linda!
Looking forward to get tips and advice to deal with pre-teens and drama queens :)
Well, baking is not my cup of tea either. After my son was born (he is 9 now), I became allergic to eggs. So I usually stay away from baking any desserts. Couple of times I tried making eggless cakes which went straight to the garbage can. My problem is I can't even be in contact with eggs, it gives me rash and my eyes are all itchy and red.
Sorry, I got carried away... Enough about me. I just wanted to say Hi and welcome.

indosungod said...

Linda, great to have you over here at the Momz Club. It was also nice knowing more about your family. I always imagine you with a smiling face and I am trying to make up your face from Megan's. Hugs to both you and the kids.

Linda said...

Sandeepa, thanks for the warm welcome and cake-encouragement! I used to be glad my kids didn't get many baked goods when they were little -- I thought it would be healthier. So even my guilt complex is a fickle thing ;)

Hi Saheli, and thank you for the warm welcome too :) That must be really difficult, an egg allergy. Are you allergic even to the processed 'whites only' you can get in the dairy section? I know you can make a cake without yolks... not sure how you substitute for the whole egg tho. For drama-queen teens, just ring me up anytime ;)

Hi ISG, it's good to see you over here too! If it's any help, people say Meg looks like me. Of course she is lovely (aren't they always, the kids!) and when I look in the mirror, I see a stray grey hair or two already :)
Hugs to you and yours, ISG :)

Poppins said...

This is so sweet, A jewish mom a part of desimomzclub. Mommyhood is universal after all !

I am also planning on attending a baking class sometime, I look at all the desserts and cakes on the food blogs and just drool...

Linda said...

Hi Poppins, thanks for the greetings. Hope you get to try a cake class -- very much fun! :)