Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dadda's girl

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For as long as I can remember, my dad has always been more than just my dad. He's my friend, my teacher, my rock. He is my hero.

Not because of what he has achieved, although it is a lot to be proud of. A boy who grew up in a small village in Kerala and studied up to class 10 in a Malayalam medium school. Who would run barefoot to school, and return to take the buffalos out to graze. Whose family thought he had arrived in life when he got a job as a lecturer in a rural college. Who dreamed of being more, quit and financed his higher education (and supported his family) through hard-won scholarships. Who is today, a published author and respected professor at one of the finest institutes in the country.

Not because he is an enlightened, involved husband and father, and was one even at a time when it was considered infra dig for a Mallu man to help the wife out in the kitchen or deal with the kids' night time tantrums and other messy tasks involved in child-rearing.

Not because he is the most fair-minded person I know. Or because I can talk to him about anything - anything at all - without fear of judgement or recrimination. I know he will always tell me the truth, even if it is unpleasant.

Not because of his fierce integrity, the courage to live by his principles, and his straightforward honesty. Not even because of his warm heart and generous soul.

Not because of the fact that despite his achievements, he is always striving to be better - both professionally and personally. Last year he asked me for feedback on his parenting approach. He wanted to know if I wished he had done anything differently. I cannot begin to describe how touched and amazed I am by that gesture.

Yes, all of this makes my father an amazing person. It makes me strive every day to be more like him, but that is not why he's my hero.

He is my hero and always will be, simply because he's my Dadda.


Poppins said...

Another daddy's girl huh? Very nice and touching tribute. You all are so lucky to have your dads with you !

Asha said...

I think most of us are daddy's girls!:))
Wonderful to read about your dad and what a nice man to ask you for feedback on his skills of child rearing!!That's a doozy!!
My dad keeps reminding me what he did for us instead!Hahaha!!

Sandeepa said...

That was a very sweet post Moppet Mommy.
Happy Fathers Day to Your Dad

Saheli said...

Moppet's Mom,
Your dad seems like a wonderful person. Hats off to your Hero.
Happy Fathers day!

Tharini said...

Wow. I am so touched that he asked you for feedback. What an open and humble person he must be to think along those lines and how much self worth it must take to listen to feedback too. Great!