Monday, June 18, 2007

From Kodi to his Bapa..

(This post is by Kodi's Mom of Kodimeow Kronicles)

[Kodi pens a few words to his Bapa.]

Dearest Bapa of mine,

I love Fai-lays. I learnt to say Fai-lay (Friday), just so I would know when you were coming home every week. Our time together each weekend is so short that despite my non-stop yapping, I don't get to say it all. Hence this letter.

Amma tells me that you were the first to hold me after I was born. That I was screaming long after I needed to scream and she took me from your arms, and talked in my ear, hoping that would calm me down. That her efforts didn't work at all. That you took me back, held me in your strong hands, and stroked my cheek gently. That, seconds after that, I quieted down and stared back at you. That I had declared my loyalty to you right then.

That, much to Amma's amusement, you were your methodical self even with diaper changing and used gloves each time. That you spent several nights up just checking on me even though I was fast asleep. That, even when I have a simple cold, you call in from your corner of the country, in the middle of your busy day just to make sure I am recovering ok.

That for my first birthday, you directed your first video - Kodicles - the Musical, using only my pictures and some background help from Beethoven.

That you regularly read the Kronicles and even leave comments, much to Amma's delight.

Last Father's Day, I said my first word and that word was Bapa. I hope that is further proof of my parental preferance. But, when Amma asks me to pick between her and you, I have to resort to my diplomatic answer and pick her. I have to live with her during the week, don't I? But don't let that fool you. You are definitely a whole lot cooler ... and saner than Amma.

You are like the train engineer who keeps us chugging along on our right tracks, and in the right direction. Without you, we'd be lost, going around in circles.

For me, Bapa, every day I spend with you is Father's Day.

And I don't have to say it - but for the record, I love you tons and tons!

Your one and only,

ps: I know, I know, this letter is a little too mushy for our taste. But not my fault, that Amma of mine made me do it!
- K.


Asha said...

LOL @ the gloves for poopy diapers!We never thought of that!
So sweet of you Kodi.I am sure you love your mom too as much as you love your bapa!!
Tell you what Kodi,I LOVED your Fi-lay waits for your Bapa!!It must be so exciting to see him after that long wait!Bet mommy loves Fi-lays too!;D
Have a great fun day today and hug your amma too.Be good Kodi.

Sandeepa said...

Kodi & Kodi Amma, You guys are so cute. I am so hard pressed for time , am not getting time to jot down my post :(

Using gloves while changing diaper...ahem !!!

Dee said...

very cute :)

Trishna Chaudhuri said...

kodi and kodis amma... very very cute... hope bapa read this one

Sia said...

ha ha ha...that was such a sweet note:) i thoroughly enjoyed reading it:)

Kay said...

Awwwwwww! That was so sweet. :)
Enjoy your Fai-lays...

Moppet's Mom said...

Sweetness! :-)