Sunday, June 17, 2007

kids craft: Father's Day Art

father's day toddler art craft finger painting

Toddlers love to finger paint and get messy. Usually, the work is not frame-worthy and gets saved for a while and then tossed out. One way to preserve them for a while is to make a keepsake out of some of the special work they do: like, turn them into a piece of art, or into greeting card...

Ana likes to finger paint and has been finger painting since about one year old. I have saved most her "work" so far and have used them in hand-made greeting cards and such. I like the vivid colors of the tempera paints, and the milder hues of the finger-painting paints.

I was wondering what to do for Father's Day... and Ana gave me the start!

Last weekend, she had finished painting a piece - usually, that's when she asks me to unroll some more paper on her easel so she can paint on blank paper again... While unrolling some more for her, I decided to tear the piece she had just finished and turn it into "art" for Appa. The painting you see is entirely Ana's work.

While there is more of that story in my blog , I just wanted to quickly share one way to make little gifts for close friends and family (who else is going to appreciate this, right??!)

To make her painting into a quick souvenir and gift for her Appa, I simply mounted Ana's art on a mat I had, added a loop to hang it from. And then, gave a few stickers to Ana to paste it on the mat just for added effect :-)

Of course, Ana cannot write yet, so, I added some words and a stamp and...

Voila! Daddy has a nice little Father's Day gift made (mostly) by his baby girl to proudly hang on his office wall!


Asha said...

That is so beautiful! I bet he is proud!:))
I love the she wrote the letters other way round.It's typical at that age and adorable:))

Poppins said...

What a great idea for a toddler to finger-paint. I had no idea that you can start them off so young. So what kind of paints are suitable for toddlers, who (might) put them in their mouth?

Dee said...

that is erally cute and thoughtful!..Hope he had a great Father's day!!

Sheela said...

thank you all... to answer poppin's mom: i started Ana off quite early (about 11-12 months) with these kid-safe, non-toxic, high quality paints, (usually by Crayola);
1. tempera paints come in little tubs that last a long time with judicious use - meaning, I just take out a teaspoon of each color and put it in her paint plate (just a plastic plate or bowl);
2. finger-painting paints are awesome too, i just buy tubes of different colors and hand a little at at time;
when the paint I dished up is gone, usually so is her attention span - but sometimes she asks for more paints and continues painting - this way, we set up a limitation/expectation for her and we save paints :-)

kateChildCareTeacher said...

in summer, when its hot enough to get dirty and wet under the hose, we would get a large box, put large sheets of paper on the bottom, undress a crawling baby (leaving the nappy on of course) pour some paint into the box and allow and help the crawler to crawl around on the paper.
I would suggest you AVOID purples!! oh dear i learn that purple stains terribly!
Makes wonderful wrapping paper, though it can use a bit of paint, however with one young baby its not a problem (i had a room full)