Friday, June 15, 2007

Letter to Appa...

Dear Appa,

I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time but everytime I sit down I get flooded with so many thoughts I want to pen down that I don't know where to start. Let me begin by saying that I love you and that you are my hero! Growing up , I have always held you as my idol and tried to emulate your positive qualities and always dreamt of being as successful as you were when I grew up. I love to hear stories from your childhood. I think 'Swami' from Malgudi days was a direct lift from your childhood :) Even though you were the tenth son of a government school teacher, you worked your way to own a company ! Your honesty , hardwork and leadership sense have always held me in awe.

I know I am a very pampered daughter. I still remember the Sunday morning oil baths you used to give Vivek and me. I still remember the 'thachi mummam' dinners you used to hand feed Vivek and me when amma was taking care of her botique. Not to mention the grammar lessons and the 'learning to read time from the clock' episode (where you would constantly lose patience trying to teach me :) ). I know you did not have the time to actively take part in all my school activities (I forgive you that you forgot what class I studied in sometimes :)), but you have given me far more valuable lessons than anyone else ever can.

I am proud of the fact that you wanted a girl child and were the happiest person when I was born! There was never a single point in my life when you laid different rules for Vivek than for me. Amma and you always gave me full freedom and made me learn my limits without restricting me. You always made sure that every need of ours was always met even before we would ask for it. I love your spirituality and am greatful that I developed an interest in it through you.

You know you got a new lease of life after your heart attack just a couple of months before Chintu was born. I will be ever greatful to you for flying back here just 15 days after your surgery , just to be with me and see your grandson! I will be ever greatful to you for helping amma and me out after my delivery...for making me my favorite soups, keeping the house clean, helping amma in cooking, because without you chipping in , amma would have had a stressful life. You are mentally a very strong person and you have amazing will power.

Today, Chintu is crazy about his tatha. He remembers you when he eats oranges, when he sees someone working in the garden, when I give him salad leaves, when he sees a moustache, when I sing him your lullaby....oh the list is endless - he adores his 'thaachi tatha!'

Appa...I can go on and on...but words cannot express my true feelings for you. You are simply the best , period. I know you will forgive me for all my immaturity through the years.
I want you to live a very long and healthy life...for me and for my Chintu. You are the only person that can teach him the things you taught me...



Asha said...

OH!! Dee,you have a great appa! Flying to see you and help you out when he is out of surgery 15 days back! That was selfless and you are so lucky!:)
Some dads make great moms,you know what I mean,even though they are not biologically capable of giving birth!They really do.
Wish your dad a great health and happiness and with all our wishes collectively,I am sure he will lead a good life.
Thanks for writing this and letting us in your like.Hugs to you and chintu.Happy Father's day to your dad and your hubby.Have fun this weekend:))

Saheli said...

Wonderful post, Dee!
He 'll be so proud when he reads this. I am so glad that Chintu remembers him too.
Happy Father's day!

Sandeepa said...

Very sweet post Dee
Wish your Dad a Very Hapy Fathers Day from all of us and to chintu's Daddy too

indosungod said...

Dee that was a really touching and wonderful post.

Dee said...

- Asha : thanks :)..Hope your husband had a lovely father's day too!

- Saheli : thanks :)

- Sandeepa : will do...same to your's from us.

-indosungod: thank you :)

Tharini said...

That is unbeleivable. Flying to be with you just 2 weeks after his surgery. Amazing man! Wow...God bless him Dee.

Lucky said...

Your father is really great. You are lucky to have a father like this.