Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Picking a Role Model

Asha’s Daughter Trisha is a budding doctor. At 16 she is all decided and confident about her future. She is a bright student and often wins accolades and recently had her picture in the local papers for being the youngest scholar in High School. She could well be the role model for our kids.
I had requested Asha to do a post on Trisha at DMC and I thought why not we come up with some questions we could ask Asha and Trisha to clear our doubts and to know what it takes to be a STAR.
Congratulations Trisha.

What I would like to know :

A peek into Trisha’s daily routine

Why she decided to be a doctor and how does she prepare her self ?

What is her study routine ?

It seems a good SAT score and GPA is not enough to get into a good school. What more is needed ?

A couple of months ago I heard on NPR that High School kids stress out a lot, what with SAT, voluntary work, AP classes etc. How does Trisha cope with it ? What does she do to relax ?

If possible a bit of explanation on what is AP, how do you take such Advanced classes etc. ?What are her hobbies ?

What is your question Moms ? Asha, I hope its ok for you and Trisha to come up with answers to our questions.

Most of the Moms in this group have small kids. But some of you have middle school-ers at home, right ? RadsSaheli…anyone ? It would be great if you could do similar posts on your kids in middle/high school. It would help not only the members but also others visiting our Club


Asha said...

Sandeepa,that was a pleasant surprise!!Thank you so much.
I was thinking of posting an article in about 2 weeks after I come back from vacation,little busy until then.I will answer all your questions and I will ask Trisha to write about it too with a link to this post.Hope that's ok.
It is a great idea.May be it should be the theme for July!! I would definitely post te answers to all these q's and hope to see others responses too:))

Dee said...

very good idea for a post...

Saheli said...

Hi Sandeepa,
Sounds like an interesting idea. I read Asha's comment too. She seems to be all excited. Hopefully, Trisha is too. Though my son is only 9 yrs old, he doesn't like me talking about him with my friends. So, I hope Trisha is okay with this.
Well, my biggest challenge is how to keep him motivated to study during summer vacation. I would love to hear how Trisha did during her school years.
Also, how do they cope with the "peer pressure"?
Well, this is just what was on top of my head. I may have more later.
BTW, Congratulations Trisha and Asha too. Way to go!

gauri said...

Asha, were your kids very much interested in academics reight from the start...my child is still young, & her current school caters to an American population for whom academics is not a priority. It is more into sports & play. She will start a new school this september which does cater a an Asian population. They do focus on education.
Did you have a set schedule for your kids growing up...eg. restricting TV times etc.

SJ said...

Sandeepa, Awesome idea! Asha - I am sooo looking forward to hearing from you and Trisha.

SJ said...

Oh some questions - how does she balance her studies and social pressures?
Fitting and thriving in a class in which Indians are a minority?
Some parenting pitfalls for school going kids, you'd like us to avoid.
And like Gauri, I also wonder how to keep your child interested in academics in a society where academics may not be a very high priority?

sunita said...

Congrats to Trisha and Asha...although my kids are still young, they do grow up quite quickly in the blink of an eye...any tips are most welcome...

indosungod said...

Sandeepa, this would be really very interesting. Asha and Trisha thanks for taking the time to do this.