Thursday, June 28, 2007

Theme for July

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Its summer and its hot, fun, and loaded with outdoor stuff. So why not we have July dedicated to Summer. Share a summer story, plenty of summer pics, taken by you or the kid, summer snacks and treats for the kids, a summer vacation story, anything and everything that summer means to you and your kids.

Theme for July -- Summer Fun with Kids
The same rules apply. Every week Thursday to Saturday,feel free to post on the Theme of the Month.Non members can send articles to the e mail provided on the sidebar

Also I have a request for all DMC members. If each of you take up a month, decide on the theme and conduct the theme of the month the way you choose, we will get a more broader spectrum of ideas here. Indosungod already has a Theme for August. So please send me a mail at to take up a month you prefer.

Also please send your ideas, feedbacks about what you want to have at DMC. Its everyone’s blog and if any of you have the desire, idea for monthly columns or some such thing please come up with it.

Tharini has made a lovely icon for the Club. Please feel free to download and use it. Give her the credits when you use the logo

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Icon Credits: Tharini of Winkies Way

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Tharini said...

Hi...summer is a great theme, and so are summer vacations, considering we are leaving for one tmrw. So will have something to contribute when I get back.

Btw, credits for the logo isn't necessary Sandeepa. I'm happy enuff with the mention here.