Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toronto moms, Anybody?

Shweta left a comment on my blog, interested in a meet up... Now, I would love to meet up with another mom. But, I haven't been able to mail her about that.. The reason being - No email id! :(

So, dear Shweta, if you are reading this, do send me a line at (tabtomorrow AT gmail DOT com)

If any other moms (or moms-to-be/I'd-like-to-be-a-mom-someday/No children-don't plan on having them, but I don't hate them) in Toronto or GTA are interested, I'd love to meet you too. Send me a line and we can arrange for a day.

The only 2 criteria to meet
  1. you should be a lady
  2. don't talk about amway/quickstar/any other mlm stuff :) It doesn't matter if you are affiliated with them, but just don't try to get me into it.
P.s: Sandeepa, Asha or IGS, If you think posting about a moms- meetup in DMC, is inappropriate, please do let me know - I'll remove this post. Just didn't know how else to locate Shweta.

Tease: Moms of picky eaters and veggie haters, expect a book review in the next few days. :)


Sandeepa said...

Its perfectly fine. Other Moms you are welcome to do so too.
We would only be too glad if you then entertain us with your meet up stories :)

B o o said...

Kay, Regarding your tease - I am all ears! Tell, tell!
*on my knees with hands folded*

Asha said...

I agree with Sandeepa.It's ok to let her know to contact you and then tell us all about it in detail when you do meet her!!;D

Kay said...

Thanks Sandeepa and Asha... :) I'll be glad. now if only Shweta read this. :) Sure, I promise to write about meetups..

B o o, I'm writing it now.. Look for the article by the end of day. You don't have to be on your knees all day ;)

shweta said...

Hi Kay ,

Wow ! I am excited about the meet up.!!Is there anybody esle or just 2 of us!!
Pls let me know if You have anything in mind regarding place & everything !Looking forward to it !

indosungod said...

Kay! that is wonderful idea. Do you have to be a Toronto Mom to be invited? Just kidding here!

Kay said...

Yay, Shweta! :)

IGS, that's a interesting question.. anybody visiting Toronto at the said time and meeting 'the criteria', is also invited. :)