Monday, July 16, 2007

Hunger Strike

This post is by Kodi's Mom of Kodimeow Kronicles.

I have heard and read enough about toddler's hunger strikes enough that I now think this is a milestone in their lives. My 22mo just started his. He doesn't want to eat anything at all. Let me rephrase that, he does want to eat. But only potato chips, popcorn, icecream. Regular food is totally out.

Till a few weeks ago, he was fairly good with meals. He enjoyed food and would ask for more if he really liked it. But, that has changed overnight. We have tried everything we could think of: offered him a wide range of foods for each meal, not force him, let him starve till he took the initiative and asked for it... but nothign has worked yet. Other than water (and the afore mentioned junk food), he doesn't care for anything.

Do all toddlers really go through this phase? What is the best way to ride it out? How long have you seen it last? (please don't tell me forever!)

ps: I tried some of the tips in this wonderful article on Daily Tiffin. Some he is too young for, some we have had minimal success with.


Sandeepa said...

Is he teething ? Or maybe the heat.

Do not let him binge on the chips though. Ice cream is ok in moderation I feel, at least there is milk.

Did you try cold yogurt etc. ? If he wants ice cream try giving him yogurt with fruit pieces and a maybe a little ice cream on top.

Also try giving him what you are having, ,making him sit at the dinner table with you. That helps at times.

But kids go through such phases so don't worry too much

Dee said...

My 18 month old has his opinion these days :) I can't imagine how he will be when he is 2 yrs old (shudder ;)). I don't want to stress too much about it because I know kids will improve in eating as they grow. I have a atleast I know (from seeing my brother grow) that they will hog a lot as they grow up.
Good Luck :)

Asha said...

YES!! They all go thru' that stage and it doesn't last long.
Let him have whatever he wants as long as he is eating something and give him a multi-Vitamin with his Doctor's approval.
My son ate Chicken Nuggets for a whole year and then he never touched it for a long time.
He will be okay,kids are stronger than we think:)

SJ said...

My daughter did that too when she was about the same age. Luckily it lasted just a couple of weeks.
The ice cream part I still do, blend some yogurt, fruit etc and freeze it in kulfi/popsicle sticks. Then give itlater on as ice-cream. I had to make a huge show of taking out of the freezer but it did work (maybe A is just gullible). For chips, I used to slice sweet potato, yam anything else you can think of - spray with pam or someoil spray, salt/pepper and bake in the oven, broil to make it crispy at the end for about 5/5 min and serve it as chips. As I said luckily for me it lasted just 2 weeks so I could sustain it.

bird's eye view said...

It's quite normal, though one has to do one's best to ensure that some quantity of good food is eaten. Try having him eat with you - sometimes that helps. With my son reverse psychology works - if you tell him not to do something, he almost always wants to do it. So if you put fruit and veggies on the forbidden list, that may arouse some lust for them.

Try drowning the healthy veggies in ketchup if he likes that. For icecream, you can just give him frozen fruit - watermelon, strawberries, anything which tastes good cold. Or try mango / orange or other fruit flavoured shrikhand, frozen.

My son who is four still has a fetish, only it's for kurkure bhindi, which he has had for over a year now - every meal has to have this dish. i'm singlehandedly supporting the bhindi produce of an entire Indian state, probably!

Praba said...

Try soups - like a simple tomato or carrot with a dash of ginger - might help improve his appetite.

Also, try those stonyfield yogurt tubes - freeze 'em and offer it instead of icecream/popsicles! Kids love it! You have to hold it for him or wrap it in papertowel - 'coz can be too cold for him to hold by himself.

Hope Kodi's appetite improves! Let us know! I dont recall anything like this with my K. But with S - will have to watch out!

Tharini said...

Been thru that stage endlessly with Akhil. He sort of got better by around 3 years. Yes it took us that long! But I think its also because he's such a fusy eater and doesn't seem to like to eat.

What did we do???

Tried our best...and beyond that just let it go. He loved his milk so I gave him milk if all else failed. Sometimes as much as 4-5 cups a day.

Saheli said...

Fortunately, I didn't have any eating problems with my son who is 9yrs now. Nowadays he eats more than what my husband and I eat in one sitting. On the other hand, my 5yr old (almost) daughter is a whole new story. She is the "fuss queen" of anything and everything.

Anyways, for Kodi I would suggest if he has a buddy in your neighbourhood, they can have their meals together. Or you can get him involved in cooking (some simple dish) and maybe he will be more interested.

You can also try letting him eat by himself like a "big" boy. Hopefully, that might encourage him.

Also, if this has started just recently, you could also keep track of his bowel movement, may be he is constipated... just a thought.

I know, being a mom it is very difficult to see you kid go hungry or eat junk food. But, like other moms said, it is just a phase and it shall pass too...

Hema said...

My daughter (now 27 months) goes through such phases once in a while. I have learnt not to bother too much as long as she keeps active. I have seen Bonnisan (it is a himalaya drug product for infants) to work well. You may get it in ur local indian store. My MIL suggested this potion which works well too. A spoon each of jeera, sauph and ajwain roasted till brown and powdered. boil the powder in water, filter and feed. Hope this helps.


Kay said...

hey kodi's mom, try indulging him :)

popcorn, chips and icecream are actually good for health if you make it at home - It might work in your favor too. He might get too bored with these stuff when he eats often and stop eating it.

popcorn - use an air popper (is that the name?) and buy corn (preferably organic) and pop it yourself and give him. This is very tasty and very healthy (as per my nutritionist) as long as it doesn't have salt, butter or preservatives.

Chips - I think nupur or sre made some microwave potato chips and said they were quite good. there are some recipes for 'fat free french fries' on the net too. wanna try? potatoes are very good for health.

icecream - make homemade icecream and indulge him... he might not know it's yogurt with fruits and some cream.... or you can make real icecream too and flavor it differently every time. at least you can happy that it doesn't have preservatives and extra loads of sugar.

Tharini said...

Kay...I love the way you think. Awesome! WuD love to bedirected to recipes for hoemade icecreams!

Kay said...

Thanks Tharini.

Here are some links - two are from my bookmarks and the remaining from google. Also, just checked - the ice cream makers (small ones) are pretty inexpensive. I wish I were slimmer(!) so I can go right ahead and test some of those yummy recipes.

here are some that look yummy. Two of these links give a way to make 5 mins ice cream (without an ice cream maker) - which you can involve the kids too in the shaking.

Ice cream Recipes 1
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Ice cream Recipes 5

Check out this one!!!
Ice cream Recipes 6
Ice cream Recipes 7
Ice cream Recipes 8
Ice cream Recipes 9

Kay said...

How did I forget MEeta's Monthly Mingle for Ice creams

swapna susarla said...

Hi Kodi's mom
this is normal with all the kids.I too used to worry about this phase.My daughter used to take chips all the time. .But after seeing so many children at the same age ,,,my worries all have gone.The children will be like that till 2&1/2 to 3 years.Don't worry .it will be ok.

Kodi's Mom said...

All: thank you so much for the reassurance and the sage advice. I tried several of your tips and had some success. His eating has improved just a bit.

Hema: your natural concoction is now a daily routine for him! thanks.

Kay: many thanks for the creative tips and for the ice-cream recipes...will try them out before summer is up.