Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Interesting Read..

I found this article while browsing yesterday - an interesting read...



Asha said...

Dee,I read that and it is true to some extent that we or rather our kids get lost in the confusion! ABCDs(American born confused Desis):D
But as long as kids know their heritage and where their parents come from,I think they do very well in any society.
Kids might not like and love Indian culture like we Indian born do but there is always that awareness if we teach them young to be proud who they are.
I know some Asian families go to extreme either force kids to be very traditional or trying hard to copy the western life, both of which is not natural for us or the kids.There should a be a balance.
Give them tools to cope but let them live their lives as they want to,that's what I say!:))

Kay said...

I just read that. It's a wonderful article...

Thanks for sharing it, Dee. :)

I too know some Indian families where children give blank looks when they visit their relatives in India.. And in some families, the kids do the rituals since their parents force them to do - when the kids don't like doing them.

Like Asha said, balance is the key - Show them both cultures, without the pressure and let the children mix and match and make their own Indo-western culture. something they can identify with and feel proud of.

Sandeepa said...

Lovely article Dee and thanks so much for sharing.
As a parent I know its easy now when my daughter is 3 to teach her more about Indian Culture as to be truthful that is what I more aware of.
However once she has grown and has a mind of her own, I don't know what she will choose to do.
But I liked the "culture wise" term. Hope thats how it works out

Dee said...

Asha - I agree with you in not forcing things on kids but showing them the paths they can choose from. As always valuable comment from the experienced mom :)

Kay - yep..balance is the key. I think we should put ourselves in their shoes before guiding them. Thanks for the great comment :)

Sandeepa - I hope thats how it works out too! Good luck to all of us :)